30/60/90 Workout with Kristi Molinaro DVD Review

For this workout you will need at least two sets of weights – one heavy and one light.  If you are like me, however, you like to use multiple sets of weights to customize it to each movement for your own strength capabilities. You will also need a high step or a regular aerobic step (what I used).  She does give you a modifier who does not use the step just in case you do not have one.  She also shows modifications throughout the workout in case you are incapable of doing a particular movement.

This workout is a HiiT (high intensity interval training) workout.  It utilizes timed intervals of a cardio type movement and then it is jacked up for about 15 seconds to really get the heart rate up.  After that, you do 30 seconds of a strength period.  This is your active rest time.  Kristi is not a fan of rest periods as she states during the workout.  She does tell you to take your own rest if needed though but you won’t get any formal rest periods the entire time (unless you can sneak it in while she’s demonstrating a movement).  The workout seems to increase in intensity.  In the beginning you are jumping on the step without weights and eventually you are going to be using the weights while jumping on the step.  You may need to be careful while doing this if you have any particular body issues that don’t allow for this.

SERIOUSLY....that was the first word I uttered after this workout.  I had been reading all the rave reviews of this workout online and wanted to try it for months now.  I finally got my chance.  It was as tough as I had hoped for.  Of course you are responsible for pushing yourself as hard or as little as you want but since I crave intensity, this was not an issue for me.  One of the reasons this is tough is because Kristi doesn’t give you a timed period of complete rest.  Your “rests” are actually timed periods of strength moves.  I had to pause this twice just so I could get a drink during the workout.  I’m not complaining though.  I expect something to be tough if it is touted as such.  During the last freestyle push I was able to get my heart rate up to the 180s doing box jumps.  I liked it.  I’m glad I tried it. I would say it is similar to Toby Massenburg’s Chiseled format.  The interval times may be different and he may give formal rest periods but the intensity is very similar and I don’t think that is a bad thing.

One Response to “30/60/90 Workout with Kristi Molinaro DVD Review”

  1. SOunds like an awesome workout!! Thanks for the review Missy!

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