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DeltaFit Speed Shred Workout From Hell Workout DVD Review

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How fitting that I would do the Workout From Hell on Halloween!

If you follow my blog you may remember that on September 8th I reviewed the Ultimate Bodyweight Workout from this DVD series:  DeltaFit Speed Shred is a relatively new 8 DVD workout series from Men’s Health.  It was designed, developed and presented by BJ Gaddour.   This workout series focuses on metabolic training.

When BJ was doing his little beginning monologue and he said that this workout was going to feature one movement only:  THE BURPEE!!!!  I thought, “Yes!  This will indeed be the workout from Hell!”  How monotonous is THAT going to be?  Me, who said only in my last workout DVD review that I could barely take the first 20 minutes of the Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp Workout due to the monotony of the jumping jacks.  I was seriously having second thoughts on even doing it.  I don’t even hate burpees.  Let me tell you, I’m glad that I changed my mind. I was pleasantly surprised.

For this workout you will need a step (preferably one that has risers), a medicine ball (BJ uses 2 different kinds), and dumbbells,

As I said before, BJ doesn’t really do any formal warm up and cool down so please be sure to do these on your own.

The set up of this workout is that you will do one minute of a variation of a burpee and then you will have a minute of rest.  You will do 30 rounds of burpees.

The beauty of this workout is that BJ offers so many progressions, variations and options for the burpee that you totally won’t get bored.   You actually want to see what BJ is going to do next.

Examples of the progressions are:  First you do a step back burpee then you flow into jumping back into the burpee.  After that you do a burpee and then jump onto the step.  The next one adds a pushup and so on.  BJ throws in some one legged burpees, one handed burpees and even one legged/one handed burpees.

There are also some cool variations like when you do a side burpee  and to which BJ adds a skater and also a shuffle. He also throws in some burpees with kicks, punches, lunges and lateral lunges.  Oh, I can’t forget the T-stands they are also a favorite.

BJ throws the tools in to add some options.  He uses one type of medicine ball for ball slam burpees and then another type of medicine ball for offset burpees.  Next he grabs the dumbbells and it’s rows, curls to presses and T-stands

The workout ends with an on the step lateral burpee (done on one end of the step) to a jump rotation and then you complete a burpee on the other side of the step.

BJ finishes the workout in his true to form goofy style by doing a minute of squats with the medicine ball.  He’s just throwing the thing around, catching the ball and at one point he says that even he doesn’t know what he’s doing.

The workout totally flew by for me.  BJ is entertaining (and as I’ve mentioned before:  HOT).  While I wouldn’t want to have this in my rotation once a week, I wouldn’t mind a couple times a month.  This workout was totally a change-up for me.  While I have done a lot of the variations in this workout in other workout DVDs, I had never done a complete hour of just burpees.  This might have been just the kind of shock my body was looking for.

Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp Workout DVD Review

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This workout is taken from a real Boot Camp type class where the exercisers run across the Brooklyn Bridge and back while doing calisthenic type movements in between.    While they are running, there is a split screen for you to follow.  Ariane varies between jumping jacks, sumo squat jacks and high knee runs.  I have to tell you,  after awhile I got bored of the jumping jacks and started improvising my own plyometric type movements.  That seemed to help.

You will need a stretchy band for this workout.  You could also use weights for some of the movements as I did.

This workout starts off with 20 pushups.  That is the warm up.  If you don’t like that as a warm up you may want to do your own.  I started off that way myself.  After completing the pushups the “runners” start across the bridge making their way to the next set of benches.  It doesn’t take that long and then each time you reach a breaking spot for the runners you (and they) do some calisthenic type movements.

The first 20 minutes for me were grueling in that I was like OMG am I going to be able to endure this – – – and not because of the intensity (because I love intense) but because of the repetitions of the jumping jacks, etc.  Once she “hit the grass” though and did a strength session time went quicker.  Before you know it, you are going back over the bridge.

The jumping jacks segments are intense – the strength segments – eh, they are only using your bodyweight and a small stretchy band which the runners carry with them so I think you can handle it.

I like being able to watch the scenery.  Sometimes it’s not always possible to see the screen like when you are on the floor but for the most part you get something interesting to look at – like other joggers, people on bikes and people walking.  You get amazing views, etc.  You don’t get this with a lot of other workout DVDs.  I give a lot of credit to Ariane Hundt for giving us something different.



Cathe Friedrich’s To The Max Workout DVD Review

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I finally got to try the sister workout to CrossFire (I reviewed this previously) and I will say that this workout is just as good.  I do prefer the CrossFire workout however because there are more strength segments.  The strength segment in To The Max is much shorter.  You will like To The Max if you prefer step workouts.  This step workout is not a dancey type choreographed routine though so if that’s what you are looking for it may not be for you.

For this workout you will need some workout tools:  Step (with various risers if you prefer), multiple sets of dumbbells varying from light to heavy (light for some cardio segments and go heavy to challenge yourself in the strength segments), gliding discs (or paper plates if you do not have them), and a loop resistance band.

Cathe starts off with a good warm up on the step.  She then goes into a segment of step aerobics that are pretty easy to follow with the exception of one part but after a few attempts I don’t think it will be a problem.  Then there is a Tabata segment followed by a HiiT segment.  After that, there is the short strength segment.  The strength segment is done twice.  The final segment is floor work of core and upper body combined.

As per usual however, Cathe does throw in a lower impact bonus Tabata and a gliding disc Tabata bonus.  Don’t forget about all the options with the premixes, etc.  This workout definitely offers as much variety as CrossFire.

Total running time (without the bonuses) is 53 minutes of hardcore, all out Cathe.  As I said I liked it but I am glad I purchased the CrossFire DVD for my rotation.  I sometimes tire of step workouts.  It did kick my butt in a good way though.  You can always count on Cathe to deliver.

I hear Cathe has some Xtrain workout DVDs coming out soon.  I cannot wait for a few of those!  I will definitely review them when I get to complete them.

Kelly Coffey-Meyer’s 30 Minuntes to Fitness: Plateau Buster DVD Review

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My body change process has been at a plateau for awhile now.  While my fitness level does increase, my body just never seems to change anymore – even though I work very hard.  That being said when I saw that Kelly Coffey-Meyer was releasing a “plateau buster” workout, I thought I should try it.

I love Kelly.  She’s fun, not demanding but she expects you to get in there and get it done.  This workout is labeled at an intermediate level.  It is solid, spot on intermediate and a great workout for those in the intermediate to high-level intermediates.  I am at an advanced level however and was not completely blown away by the workout.   That is my own fault though for expecting more out of an intermediate level workout.

I’m not saying it is bad though and I will use it in my rotation – it just wasn’t what I was hoping for.  I realize you can use heavy weights but I was using 15#s and 10#s and while that was heavy – it just didn’t wow me – maybe I need to go to 20#s and see how much I like it then.

This workout in its organic structure is set up with two 30 minute workouts.  You do two compound strength movements and then there is a cardio burst in between those.  You rotate this throughout the workout.  I think I prefer Workout Number One to Workout Number Two – I did not care for the “shaking the paint” movement in that it doesn’t really seem to do much for me even though I was holding a 10 lb. weight.

Kelly does offer premixes however and this is great for me because there is an option to string them all together to create a longer workout.

A plus in this workout are “bonus” moves that you will only discover if you venture into the premix menu.  I liked this offering.  When I added them to the workout, I felt like I was getting my ass kicked a little more.

I don’t want to convey that I think this is a terrible workout – it’s not.  If you are intermediate or a beginner looking to advance to intermediate, I think you will love it.  The first song worried me as far as music selection but as it went on there were a few songs that were really great.

I like Kelly and I will continue to do her workouts.