Kelly Coffey-Meyer’s 30 Minuntes to Fitness: Plateau Buster DVD Review

My body change process has been at a plateau for awhile now.  While my fitness level does increase, my body just never seems to change anymore – even though I work very hard.  That being said when I saw that Kelly Coffey-Meyer was releasing a “plateau buster” workout, I thought I should try it.

I love Kelly.  She’s fun, not demanding but she expects you to get in there and get it done.  This workout is labeled at an intermediate level.  It is solid, spot on intermediate and a great workout for those in the intermediate to high-level intermediates.  I am at an advanced level however and was not completely blown away by the workout.   That is my own fault though for expecting more out of an intermediate level workout.

I’m not saying it is bad though and I will use it in my rotation – it just wasn’t what I was hoping for.  I realize you can use heavy weights but I was using 15#s and 10#s and while that was heavy – it just didn’t wow me – maybe I need to go to 20#s and see how much I like it then.

This workout in its organic structure is set up with two 30 minute workouts.  You do two compound strength movements and then there is a cardio burst in between those.  You rotate this throughout the workout.  I think I prefer Workout Number One to Workout Number Two – I did not care for the “shaking the paint” movement in that it doesn’t really seem to do much for me even though I was holding a 10 lb. weight.

Kelly does offer premixes however and this is great for me because there is an option to string them all together to create a longer workout.

A plus in this workout are “bonus” moves that you will only discover if you venture into the premix menu.  I liked this offering.  When I added them to the workout, I felt like I was getting my ass kicked a little more.

I don’t want to convey that I think this is a terrible workout – it’s not.  If you are intermediate or a beginner looking to advance to intermediate, I think you will love it.  The first song worried me as far as music selection but as it went on there were a few songs that were really great.

I like Kelly and I will continue to do her workouts.


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