Cathe Friedrich’s To The Max Workout DVD Review

I finally got to try the sister workout to CrossFire (I reviewed this previously) and I will say that this workout is just as good.  I do prefer the CrossFire workout however because there are more strength segments.  The strength segment in To The Max is much shorter.  You will like To The Max if you prefer step workouts.  This step workout is not a dancey type choreographed routine though so if that’s what you are looking for it may not be for you.

For this workout you will need some workout tools:  Step (with various risers if you prefer), multiple sets of dumbbells varying from light to heavy (light for some cardio segments and go heavy to challenge yourself in the strength segments), gliding discs (or paper plates if you do not have them), and a loop resistance band.

Cathe starts off with a good warm up on the step.  She then goes into a segment of step aerobics that are pretty easy to follow with the exception of one part but after a few attempts I don’t think it will be a problem.  Then there is a Tabata segment followed by a HiiT segment.  After that, there is the short strength segment.  The strength segment is done twice.  The final segment is floor work of core and upper body combined.

As per usual however, Cathe does throw in a lower impact bonus Tabata and a gliding disc Tabata bonus.  Don’t forget about all the options with the premixes, etc.  This workout definitely offers as much variety as CrossFire.

Total running time (without the bonuses) is 53 minutes of hardcore, all out Cathe.  As I said I liked it but I am glad I purchased the CrossFire DVD for my rotation.  I sometimes tire of step workouts.  It did kick my butt in a good way though.  You can always count on Cathe to deliver.

I hear Cathe has some Xtrain workout DVDs coming out soon.  I cannot wait for a few of those!  I will definitely review them when I get to complete them.


2 Responses to “Cathe Friedrich’s To The Max Workout DVD Review”

  1. I took a class with Cathe at Fitbloggin last month and she was fantastic!

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