Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp Workout DVD Review

This workout is taken from a real Boot Camp type class where the exercisers run across the Brooklyn Bridge and back while doing calisthenic type movements in between.    While they are running, there is a split screen for you to follow.  Ariane varies between jumping jacks, sumo squat jacks and high knee runs.  I have to tell you,  after awhile I got bored of the jumping jacks and started improvising my own plyometric type movements.  That seemed to help.

You will need a stretchy band for this workout.  You could also use weights for some of the movements as I did.

This workout starts off with 20 pushups.  That is the warm up.  If you don’t like that as a warm up you may want to do your own.  I started off that way myself.  After completing the pushups the “runners” start across the bridge making their way to the next set of benches.  It doesn’t take that long and then each time you reach a breaking spot for the runners you (and they) do some calisthenic type movements.

The first 20 minutes for me were grueling in that I was like OMG am I going to be able to endure this – – – and not because of the intensity (because I love intense) but because of the repetitions of the jumping jacks, etc.  Once she “hit the grass” though and did a strength session time went quicker.  Before you know it, you are going back over the bridge.

The jumping jacks segments are intense – the strength segments – eh, they are only using your bodyweight and a small stretchy band which the runners carry with them so I think you can handle it.

I like being able to watch the scenery.  Sometimes it’s not always possible to see the screen like when you are on the floor but for the most part you get something interesting to look at – like other joggers, people on bikes and people walking.  You get amazing views, etc.  You don’t get this with a lot of other workout DVDs.  I give a lot of credit to Ariane Hundt for giving us something different.



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