DeltaFit Speed Shred Workout From Hell Workout DVD Review

How fitting that I would do the Workout From Hell on Halloween!

If you follow my blog you may remember that on September 8th I reviewed the Ultimate Bodyweight Workout from this DVD series:  DeltaFit Speed Shred is a relatively new 8 DVD workout series from Men’s Health.  It was designed, developed and presented by BJ Gaddour.   This workout series focuses on metabolic training.

When BJ was doing his little beginning monologue and he said that this workout was going to feature one movement only:  THE BURPEE!!!!  I thought, “Yes!  This will indeed be the workout from Hell!”  How monotonous is THAT going to be?  Me, who said only in my last workout DVD review that I could barely take the first 20 minutes of the Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp Workout due to the monotony of the jumping jacks.  I was seriously having second thoughts on even doing it.  I don’t even hate burpees.  Let me tell you, I’m glad that I changed my mind. I was pleasantly surprised.

For this workout you will need a step (preferably one that has risers), a medicine ball (BJ uses 2 different kinds), and dumbbells,

As I said before, BJ doesn’t really do any formal warm up and cool down so please be sure to do these on your own.

The set up of this workout is that you will do one minute of a variation of a burpee and then you will have a minute of rest.  You will do 30 rounds of burpees.

The beauty of this workout is that BJ offers so many progressions, variations and options for the burpee that you totally won’t get bored.   You actually want to see what BJ is going to do next.

Examples of the progressions are:  First you do a step back burpee then you flow into jumping back into the burpee.  After that you do a burpee and then jump onto the step.  The next one adds a pushup and so on.  BJ throws in some one legged burpees, one handed burpees and even one legged/one handed burpees.

There are also some cool variations like when you do a side burpee  and to which BJ adds a skater and also a shuffle. He also throws in some burpees with kicks, punches, lunges and lateral lunges.  Oh, I can’t forget the T-stands they are also a favorite.

BJ throws the tools in to add some options.  He uses one type of medicine ball for ball slam burpees and then another type of medicine ball for offset burpees.  Next he grabs the dumbbells and it’s rows, curls to presses and T-stands

The workout ends with an on the step lateral burpee (done on one end of the step) to a jump rotation and then you complete a burpee on the other side of the step.

BJ finishes the workout in his true to form goofy style by doing a minute of squats with the medicine ball.  He’s just throwing the thing around, catching the ball and at one point he says that even he doesn’t know what he’s doing.

The workout totally flew by for me.  BJ is entertaining (and as I’ve mentioned before:  HOT).  While I wouldn’t want to have this in my rotation once a week, I wouldn’t mind a couple times a month.  This workout was totally a change-up for me.  While I have done a lot of the variations in this workout in other workout DVDs, I had never done a complete hour of just burpees.  This might have been just the kind of shock my body was looking for.

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  1. brooklynfitchick Says:

    Sounds interesting!!!

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