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DeltaFit Speed Shred the Ultimate Kettlebell Workout DVD Review

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Once again I have the pleasure of reviewing another workout DVD from the DeltaFit Speed Shred series by BJ Gaddour.  As of this moment my reviews on this series are my most popular posts on my blog according to my wordpress stats.

The great thing about this workout DVD is that it contains not 1 but 3 separate workouts.  I will break them down below.

For this workout you will need at least one kettlebell but BJ does do some offset drills that include two kettlebells so if you have two of them – even better.

Workout A:  The Beginner Workout:  This workout is meant to teach you the foundation of kettlebell training (as BJ explains).  It is 20 minutes in length and features 30 seconds of work and 30 seconds of rest.  There are 4 total circuits with 4 moves and 90 seconds of rest between circuits.

In each circuit he progresses with each movement.  For instance in Round 1 he does a hip hinge without picking up the bell but in the 2nd round he does pick up the bell.  He gives you the option to stay with the previous round movement if progressing is too difficult for you.  Some of the moves focus on lower body, some focus on the upper body and/or core.

During the rest periods BJ does some flexibility and/or mobility practices. That way you are getting some additional work in between rounds and not just hanging around doing nothing.

After all of the rounds BJ finishes off this workout with a minute of sumo burpees to get some cardio into this workout. He puts his hands on the kettlebell which is lying on the floor.  (crush grip)

I did this workout but am an advanced kettlebell exerciser.  BJ recommends in the advanced workout (which I get to later) to do at least one round of this as a warm up for the advanced workout.  I just did the whole shebang instead.  If you are advanced and do this beginner workout it is nice that you are able to go a bit heavier.

Workout B:  Advanced Workout:  BJ recommends doing the beginner level before trying this workout to learn proper form and technique. If you don’t learn this, you could hurt yourself.  And as I said before he recommends using at least one round of the beginner workout as a warm up for this workout.  BJ uses a UFC timeline for this workout which is 40 seconds of work and 20 seconds or rest making this more intense than the beginner workout.  There are 5 rounds of 5 moves and 1 minute 20 second rest between each round. BJ says it mimics the five rounds of a UFC fight (he must be a fan).

This workout is the same as the beginner in that it gets progressively more advanced as you go along.  He builds on moves from the previous rounds (like in the beginner workout).  This one has a swing segment within each round however making your heart rate go up and adding to the intensity.  Some of the movements are similar to the beginner workout but a kick is added to advance it throughout.  The movements vary in upper/lower/core focus. These movements are more ballistic than what is offered in the beginner workout and keep your heart rate up.

Between rounds once again BJ does some flexibility and mobility movements so you aren’t just sitting around.

At the end of this workout BJ finishes it off with a minute of high pull to squat to press.  A triple whammy of intensity to finish off this workout.

Workout C: Kettlebell Cardio.  This has to be my favorite of all three workouts.  This workout focuses on different variations of swings.  There are 3 rounds of 10 moves  30 seconds on 30 seconds off and 1 minute 30 seconds rest between rounds. This workout is 30 minutes.

BJ starts with a quick activation sequence to open up the hips for the swings.  The first move is a hip flexor stretch.  Then he does 10 glute thrusts (bridge lifts).  He finishes off this beginning with a hip hinge.  He says if you cannot do this and it bothers your back to skip this workout altogether.

Some of these swings are freakin’ killer.  I love the offset skier swing that BJ starts this workout off with.  You can really feel how your core is taxed on this one.  With the offset moves BJ will switch sides in each round for balance in the workout.

He does some flexibility work between rounds like the other workouts. BJ finishes off this workout with a minute of pushups with a hand on the bell one on the floor, move to a crush grip and over to the floor again and at the end adds in some mountain climbers.

I have to say that these kettlebell workouts are my favorite so far out of the DeltaFit Speed Shred series.  I like that you can string these workouts together for a kick ass workout or do them individually.  You could also do a little bit here and a little bit there – for instance use one round from the beginner level as a warmup go into the whole advanced level workout and finish with a round or two (or three) of the cardio.  It’s your choice!  In these workouts BJ is his funny and motivating self. Sometimes he just doesn’t seem to want to even stop for the breaks.  I bet BJ is the kind that cannot sit still at home.

I love kettlebell workouts and I can add these three to my list.