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Top 10 Workout Videos Reviewed on Mistransformation in 2012

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1.  Cathe – CrossFire:  This workout DVD was the clear winner of 2012 because Cathe catered to my exercise ADD.  There are so many options in this DVD.  She provides many premixes and bonuses.  You can do straight cardio or you can do some lifting.  You can use tools – you can use no tools, etc.  She even gives you a core bonus.


My review here:

2.  Toby Massenburg – Chiseled.  Toby listened to the masses after he released his first workout DVD at the end of 2011.  People wanted more and Toby delivered it.  The only thing that kept Toby from being Number 1 on my list was that he didn’t have the same chaptering and premixes that Cathe does. Toby is the best! He sent me a private message on Facebook one day checking to see that I was okay.  He said that he hadn’t heard from me in awhile.  How many fitness peeps do you know that do that?


My review:

3.  Daily Burn – Inferno Workouts.   I know I didn’t specifically review the Inferno workouts but they are what put Daily Burn at Number 3 for me.  I had been looking for something that would put me “over the edge” and these Inferno workouts have done it.  My fitness level has definitely grown in just the short 2 1/2 weeks I’ve been doing them.  I can’t wait to try other programs next year from Daily Burn.

In all, I like Daily burn because they don’t always make the females be the modifications!  Sometimes the men are the modifiers and the females are the advanced level — and let me tell you you can tell these girls are in top notch condition.


My Daily Burn review:

4.  BJ Gaddour Men’s Health DeltaFit Speed Shred Workout System DVDs:  While I didn’t do each and every one of the videos from this system (or follow the workout system) I have reviewed quite a few workouts from this system on my blog.  Right now they are the most popular posts on my blog.  According to my stats, people are interested in reviews from this system.  BJ is fun to workout with.  He’s entertaining. He’s silly. He also knows his stuff (see below for the example).  The only thing that kept DeltaFit from being Number 3 was the long rest periods BJ gives.  The Inferno workouts just give you time to catch your breath – if even that.


Review of my favorite from that system:

5.  Mike Donavanik – Extreme Burn Metabolic Conditioning.  Like Toby, this was Mike’s follow up workout video.  He too listened to the masses to bring us an even greater workout.  He made them longer and he made them tougher.  He made them extreme!  I bought my video directly from Mike and he included a personal note in the mailing (that I will keep)  – how cute is that!!!


My review:

6.  Patrick Goudeau – Extreme Calorie Burn.  I reviewed this one clear back in January 2012.  This is a fun workout.  And on a side note Toby Massenburg and Anja from Daily Burn’s Inferno workouts appear as background workout folks in this video.


My review here:

7.  Jessica Smith – 10 lbs. Down Cardio Abs.  This workout DVD has probably received the most play time from me this year.  I used to use it as a finisher workout when I would come home from the gym and felt I needed a little more.  I also use it as my go to video when I travel to my parents’ house.  I have limited tools to work with when I go there and I am able to do this workout and know that I am still challenged with it.


My review here:

8.  Cathe – Butts and Guts.  Yes I know this workout DVD is originally from 2006 but it WAS reviewed on my blog in 2012 and that is what makes it a qualifier.  This workout set the precedent for workouts on the market today.  This workout is legendary!  I now use some of the moves she does in this workout in my own regimen.


My review here:

9.  Jackie Warner – 30 Day Fast Start.  This workout DVD will get your upper body in gear for sure.  I know it helped move things along for me and made me less self-conscious at the beach this year.


My review here:

10.  Ariane Hundt Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp:  I gave this workout DVD a spot on my list because it gave us something different.  It gave us the visual of actually running the Brooklyn Bridge.  I know I didn’t like all the jumping jacks in the video but modifications are easily made and what fun it is to get the feeling of the bustling city.


My review here:

THERE IT IS FOLKS!  The TOP 10 workout video reviews from the Mistransformation blog in 2012!

I already am in the making for more reviews in 2013.

Here’s to a Happy New Year!  Thank you all for visiting my blog!

Men’s Health DeltaFit Speed Shred The Ultimate Boot Camp Workout DVD Review

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For my last workout DVD review of the year I chose to do another workout from the Speed Shred system. BJ is a well-known Boot Camp instructor in Wisconsin and he gives us a taste of what one of his boot camps would be like.

A lot of tools are needed for this workout:  Box (or chair), low step, Dumbbells, Kettlebells and a Medicine Ball.  I found that you could modify if you do not have all of these tools.  The first time I completed this workout I was at my parents’ house for the holiday and all I have there are a few sets of dumbbells and a chair.  I was still able to complete the workout.  BJ suggests this is for the advanced fitness level (I say an intermediate level could modify the moves because the intensity of this workout isn’t that high).  BJ does offer instruction on the moves and he also offers some modifications as well.

BJ starts this workout off with a warm up – this is unusual for some of his Speed Shred workouts.  This is definitely a plus in my opinion because I didn’t have to improvise on my own.  BJ does a combination of dynamic mobility movements before the workout so “we don’t mess up our joints.”  As BJ says.

First two rounds are: 10 Moves 20 seconds of work with 40 seconds of rest.  Between the rounds is a minute rest.  I will say that the first two rounds seem a little easy because of the length of the rest periods.  At first I thought it was because I was limited to light weights at my parents’ house but when I came home on Christmas night I completed this workout with heavy weights and it still didn’t leave me completely breathless.

BJ progresses the movements after each round.  This not only eliminates monotony but it also increases the intensity of the workout.

Last two rounds:  10 moves with 40 seconds of work and 20 seconds of rest.  One minute rest between rounds.  Shortening the rest periods does increase the intensity.  Some of the movements in the last two rounds may need to be modified if being completed by an intermediate level exerciser.

You will have to do your own cool down/stretch.

All in all this workout isn’t bad but I would suggest to an advanced level exerciser that they do it the day after a high intensity day.  I do not follow the Speed Shred calendar so I don’t know where it falls in that system.  I cannot say it’s like a lot of other boot camps I have done.  Usually they don’t have long rest periods, if they even have any rest periods at all.  I did like the quality of the chosen moves though and that made for a more pleasant workout.

Stay tuned for more reviews in 2013.

Review of DailyBurn Personalized Fitness Website/Service

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Ever since Exercise TV ceased to exist I have felt a huge hole as far as having different options for workouts other than the DVDs on the market.  I found DailyBurn on Facebook a while back and am a follower of its page but was not a member.  I recently bought myself a Roku streaming TV player (love it) and DailyBurn happens to be one of the channels offered by Roku.  I added it to my Roku channel lineup and was notified that there is a 30 day free trial (which is awesome. Some places only give a week).  I decided what could it hurt to try it for 30 days and if I didn’t like it I could cancel at the end of the 30 days.

Upon joining I quickly found that I really like DailyBurn.  I like the trainers, I like the website (you don’t need a Roku – you can stream from your computer and I think even your phone with an app) and I like the whole setup of DailyBurn (find it at

The workouts and trainers have an urban feel much like the Crunch workouts you may have seen but cooler.  These workouts are serious but also fun.  There is a points system you can view on your profile on the website where after so many points earned you are given a new ranking, i.e., rookie, athlete, etc.  You earn points by your activity on the website – like completing workouts or challenges, etc.  This is sort of a motivational offering.  There is also nutritional advice (which I really haven’t gotten into).  You can follow a certain workout program or just do workouts as you wish.  The website is pretty interactive.

Much to my excitement, about a week after I joined, DailyBurn added a new workout program called Inferno.  This program is NO JOKE.  It is not for a beginner or even an intermediate and some advanced people may even find it difficult.  I know I do but that’s what I like about it, I am challenged and have something to work up to.  This had been lacking in my workouts lately.  I find that with so many of them, while they are good workouts, my body adapts so quickly and I no longer find them challenging.

The website shows that they also have some other new programs coming out by the end of the year including a kettlebell program, a recovery program, a yoga program, tactical bodyweight training, and cardio sculpt.

This website has workouts to please everyone.  Dance workouts, yoga, strength workouts, mobility training, cardio, short but effective workouts, etc.

I found a real gem when I discovered this website and enjoy the convenience of streaming the workouts on my Roku while having the option of using my computer if need be.

Definitely one of my favorite finds of 2012!



DeltaFit Speed Shred Phase 3 Workout DVD Review

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I bypassed Levels 1 and 2 and went right to Level 3.  I figure I’m not doing the program the way it’s intended and since I prefer more intense workouts I chose to do Level 3.

Level 3 has three workouts – A, B and C.  I will review each separately.   For all three of these workouts as usual there isn’t a warm up and/or cool down.  Please do these on your own.  I don’t love it when workouts don’t include these but it’s not a dealbreaker for me.  If you are at this level I am pretty sure you are experienced enough to freestyle your own.

Workout A:  3 Move Mayhem.  This workout is a circuit workout of 3 moves done in a grouping of 30 seconds of work and 15 seconds of rest.  Between each grouping there is 1 minute of rest.  After the rest you go on to a new grouping of 3 moves.  BJ flip-flops from Upper Body/Core moves to Lower Body/Hip based movements.  You will need 2 sets of dumbbells (or more to tailor to your needs), a stability ball (for a few moves I am sure you could modify if needed), and a step.  There are 10 sets of groups for this workout.  BJ finishes the workout with a minute bonus move at the end.  This is an intense workout and I liked to combine it with Workout C when I did it.  This workout is a little over 30 minutes in length.

Workout B:  Six Pack Sizzler.  Believe me there are no beer bellies here.  This workout is core based without doing any crunches.  This workout is based on three movements and within each group there is a progression for the movement.  The movements this workout is based on are the Get Up, the Windmill and the Squat/Carry/Press.  For each movement there is a minute of work about 15 seconds of rest – you switch sides and then go on to the second movement.  After all three movements are completed in each group, you get a rest of one minute thirty seconds. You will need 2 sets of dumbbells.

This workout is less intense and it is a little under 30 minutes in length.  BJ explains that although it is less intense it is designed to help you with mobility for other workouts.  Working your abs without crunches and/or situps is quite refreshing.  If you don’t think this is possible, BJ gives you a shot of his abs at the end of the workout and the dude is ripped!

AFTERWARD:  Either at the end of this workout or during BJ talks about how this workout isn’t as intense as others and won’t get your heart rate up, etc., but he mentions that you will be sore the next day in places you didn’t even know you had (assuming you don’t dilly-dally the workout – I used heavy weight for the windmill – 20 lbs).  I in fact did wake up sore and had to do yoga to start the day instead of starting off on an intense workout.  I did do all three of these workouts in one day, however so I am sure it was a combo of this workout and the other two.  I just wanted to relay what BJ had said and how I did in fact feel.

Workout C:  Speed Shred Supersets.  This workout is the most intense out of all three. It starts out intense with the squat to press and the skier swings.  I suggest you go heavy for these movements if you want to feel the intensity. When BJ suggest you go light for some of the movements, I suggest you listen to him.  He does some quick movements with the weights for a grouping and the intention is to get the heart rate up.

BJ doesn’t call this a tabata workout but the timing is similar.  You do 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest for 5 minutes.  Between each group there is 1 minute 15 seconds of rest. Each set is based on two groups of movements.  BJ progresses each time he does the different movements and that is what keeps you from getting bored by doing the same movements for the entire grouping.  This workout has 6 total cycles and is at least 30 minutes in length.  You will need 2 sets of dumbbells and a step.  BJ finishes this workout with a bonus move.

BJ is his usual goofy self in these workouts but he also gives a lot of tips and instructions throughout and offers motivation.  I like this guy.  I think we are going to see a lot of him in the future.

Blast From the Past: Cathe Butts and Guts Workout DVD Review

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As you may already know Cathe Friedrich is one of my favorite workout DVD personalities. I rarely have a sense of dread when doing her workouts.  She has a new series coming out soon – the XTRAIN series.  It definitely looks like it is going to pack a punch with its many bonuses and challenges.  Typical Cathe.   Since I can’t possibly afford every one of the videos from that series there is one that sticks out as one that I want the most:  Cardio Leg Blast/Rear Delts (although a couple others I will consider buying too).  In honor of this workout I wanted to go back and do the Mother of All Workouts.  After traveling in “Cathelete” circles for a few years now, I have heard great things about her Butts and Guts DVD.  This workout DVD came out before my mistransformation so it was not one I had in my library.  Recently I finally had the chance to try it.

This workout DVD did not disappoint.  It is well worth the money. In fact, I think it’s a bargain. It is OVER 77 minutes long.  That’s the length it is marketed as but it also has a 15 minute stability ball/abs workout and lower body bonus moves (some of these are included on premixes). The actual time is over 100 minutes.

You need a lot of tools for this workout but I think you could modify if you didn’t have them all.  She uses a high step, dumbbells, a barbell, the firewalker band, stability ball and ankle weights.  She works your butt/legs in many different ways.  The typical squats and lunges are included in the routine, but she also does some floor work with and without ankle weights.  In addition, she does some dynamic movements to get the heart rate up.

I feel like I learned a few new techniques from this one to include in my own home routines.  The Stand Up/Sit Down Squat with the barbell is a good one (I think this is a bonus move) – then there is this sort of one legged staggered stance squat with a dumbbell that was different than I had been doing.  They are called – Low Pulse Lunges.

If that’s not enough for you – Cathe also works the abs.  The routine was pretty much a typical workout that you see in today’s DVDs but considering this is from 2006, it was probably ahead of its time and the workouts on the market today probably mimic this one.  You are going to feel the burn for sure.

Typical of Cathe there are great premixes on this DVD.  When doing this, I preferred to just pick out what I liked on the chapters and repeat any moves that I liked a lot.

I can definitely see why this workout DVD is legendary.  I am sure it set a precedent for the Glute/Ab workouts on the market today.

I’m really excited for XTRAIN – Cardio Leg Blast/Rear Delts after doing this workout.  I hope Cathe kicks my @$$.