Blast From the Past: Cathe Butts and Guts Workout DVD Review


As you may already know Cathe Friedrich is one of my favorite workout DVD personalities. I rarely have a sense of dread when doing her workouts.  She has a new series coming out soon – the XTRAIN series.  It definitely looks like it is going to pack a punch with its many bonuses and challenges.  Typical Cathe.   Since I can’t possibly afford every one of the videos from that series there is one that sticks out as one that I want the most:  Cardio Leg Blast/Rear Delts (although a couple others I will consider buying too).  In honor of this workout I wanted to go back and do the Mother of All Workouts.  After traveling in “Cathelete” circles for a few years now, I have heard great things about her Butts and Guts DVD.  This workout DVD came out before my mistransformation so it was not one I had in my library.  Recently I finally had the chance to try it.

This workout DVD did not disappoint.  It is well worth the money. In fact, I think it’s a bargain. It is OVER 77 minutes long.  That’s the length it is marketed as but it also has a 15 minute stability ball/abs workout and lower body bonus moves (some of these are included on premixes). The actual time is over 100 minutes.

You need a lot of tools for this workout but I think you could modify if you didn’t have them all.  She uses a high step, dumbbells, a barbell, the firewalker band, stability ball and ankle weights.  She works your butt/legs in many different ways.  The typical squats and lunges are included in the routine, but she also does some floor work with and without ankle weights.  In addition, she does some dynamic movements to get the heart rate up.

I feel like I learned a few new techniques from this one to include in my own home routines.  The Stand Up/Sit Down Squat with the barbell is a good one (I think this is a bonus move) – then there is this sort of one legged staggered stance squat with a dumbbell that was different than I had been doing.  They are called – Low Pulse Lunges.

If that’s not enough for you – Cathe also works the abs.  The routine was pretty much a typical workout that you see in today’s DVDs but considering this is from 2006, it was probably ahead of its time and the workouts on the market today probably mimic this one.  You are going to feel the burn for sure.

Typical of Cathe there are great premixes on this DVD.  When doing this, I preferred to just pick out what I liked on the chapters and repeat any moves that I liked a lot.

I can definitely see why this workout DVD is legendary.  I am sure it set a precedent for the Glute/Ab workouts on the market today.

I’m really excited for XTRAIN – Cardio Leg Blast/Rear Delts after doing this workout.  I hope Cathe kicks my @$$.


4 Responses to “Blast From the Past: Cathe Butts and Guts Workout DVD Review”

  1. Hi, I always enjoy reading your posts, especially on Cathe. Ever since I decided to tackle one of her workouts, have been hooked and loyal to her ever since. I, little by little, have been building my workout library with her DVDs. I always kept wondering about this one, and kept reading all the reviews, but still didn’t buy it, as I favor doing total body weights with cardio workouts. I am now going to put this on my list along with the lower body blast I keep viewing on YouTube. I cannot wait for her XTrain either, and look very forward to your postings on which ever ones you decide to do. Thank you. Your time is greatly helpful and appreciated.

    • Thanks for your comment. I guarantee this DVD is worth the money for the “Butts” segments alone but you also get a great abs workout. I can’t speak about how it compares to Lower Body Blast but perhaps I will get the chance to do that one in the future – thanks for the heads up on that one. Stay tuned for the XTRAIN reviews!

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