DeltaFit Speed Shred Phase 3 Workout DVD Review


I bypassed Levels 1 and 2 and went right to Level 3.  I figure I’m not doing the program the way it’s intended and since I prefer more intense workouts I chose to do Level 3.

Level 3 has three workouts – A, B and C.  I will review each separately.   For all three of these workouts as usual there isn’t a warm up and/or cool down.  Please do these on your own.  I don’t love it when workouts don’t include these but it’s not a dealbreaker for me.  If you are at this level I am pretty sure you are experienced enough to freestyle your own.

Workout A:  3 Move Mayhem.  This workout is a circuit workout of 3 moves done in a grouping of 30 seconds of work and 15 seconds of rest.  Between each grouping there is 1 minute of rest.  After the rest you go on to a new grouping of 3 moves.  BJ flip-flops from Upper Body/Core moves to Lower Body/Hip based movements.  You will need 2 sets of dumbbells (or more to tailor to your needs), a stability ball (for a few moves I am sure you could modify if needed), and a step.  There are 10 sets of groups for this workout.  BJ finishes the workout with a minute bonus move at the end.  This is an intense workout and I liked to combine it with Workout C when I did it.  This workout is a little over 30 minutes in length.

Workout B:  Six Pack Sizzler.  Believe me there are no beer bellies here.  This workout is core based without doing any crunches.  This workout is based on three movements and within each group there is a progression for the movement.  The movements this workout is based on are the Get Up, the Windmill and the Squat/Carry/Press.  For each movement there is a minute of work about 15 seconds of rest – you switch sides and then go on to the second movement.  After all three movements are completed in each group, you get a rest of one minute thirty seconds. You will need 2 sets of dumbbells.

This workout is less intense and it is a little under 30 minutes in length.  BJ explains that although it is less intense it is designed to help you with mobility for other workouts.  Working your abs without crunches and/or situps is quite refreshing.  If you don’t think this is possible, BJ gives you a shot of his abs at the end of the workout and the dude is ripped!

AFTERWARD:  Either at the end of this workout or during BJ talks about how this workout isn’t as intense as others and won’t get your heart rate up, etc., but he mentions that you will be sore the next day in places you didn’t even know you had (assuming you don’t dilly-dally the workout – I used heavy weight for the windmill – 20 lbs).  I in fact did wake up sore and had to do yoga to start the day instead of starting off on an intense workout.  I did do all three of these workouts in one day, however so I am sure it was a combo of this workout and the other two.  I just wanted to relay what BJ had said and how I did in fact feel.

Workout C:  Speed Shred Supersets.  This workout is the most intense out of all three. It starts out intense with the squat to press and the skier swings.  I suggest you go heavy for these movements if you want to feel the intensity. When BJ suggest you go light for some of the movements, I suggest you listen to him.  He does some quick movements with the weights for a grouping and the intention is to get the heart rate up.

BJ doesn’t call this a tabata workout but the timing is similar.  You do 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest for 5 minutes.  Between each group there is 1 minute 15 seconds of rest. Each set is based on two groups of movements.  BJ progresses each time he does the different movements and that is what keeps you from getting bored by doing the same movements for the entire grouping.  This workout has 6 total cycles and is at least 30 minutes in length.  You will need 2 sets of dumbbells and a step.  BJ finishes this workout with a bonus move.

BJ is his usual goofy self in these workouts but he also gives a lot of tips and instructions throughout and offers motivation.  I like this guy.  I think we are going to see a lot of him in the future.

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