Top 10 Workout Videos Reviewed on Mistransformation in 2012

1.  Cathe – CrossFire:  This workout DVD was the clear winner of 2012 because Cathe catered to my exercise ADD.  There are so many options in this DVD.  She provides many premixes and bonuses.  You can do straight cardio or you can do some lifting.  You can use tools – you can use no tools, etc.  She even gives you a core bonus.


My review here:

2.  Toby Massenburg – Chiseled.  Toby listened to the masses after he released his first workout DVD at the end of 2011.  People wanted more and Toby delivered it.  The only thing that kept Toby from being Number 1 on my list was that he didn’t have the same chaptering and premixes that Cathe does. Toby is the best! He sent me a private message on Facebook one day checking to see that I was okay.  He said that he hadn’t heard from me in awhile.  How many fitness peeps do you know that do that?


My review:

3.  Daily Burn – Inferno Workouts.   I know I didn’t specifically review the Inferno workouts but they are what put Daily Burn at Number 3 for me.  I had been looking for something that would put me “over the edge” and these Inferno workouts have done it.  My fitness level has definitely grown in just the short 2 1/2 weeks I’ve been doing them.  I can’t wait to try other programs next year from Daily Burn.

In all, I like Daily burn because they don’t always make the females be the modifications!  Sometimes the men are the modifiers and the females are the advanced level — and let me tell you you can tell these girls are in top notch condition.


My Daily Burn review:

4.  BJ Gaddour Men’s Health DeltaFit Speed Shred Workout System DVDs:  While I didn’t do each and every one of the videos from this system (or follow the workout system) I have reviewed quite a few workouts from this system on my blog.  Right now they are the most popular posts on my blog.  According to my stats, people are interested in reviews from this system.  BJ is fun to workout with.  He’s entertaining. He’s silly. He also knows his stuff (see below for the example).  The only thing that kept DeltaFit from being Number 3 was the long rest periods BJ gives.  The Inferno workouts just give you time to catch your breath – if even that.


Review of my favorite from that system:

5.  Mike Donavanik – Extreme Burn Metabolic Conditioning.  Like Toby, this was Mike’s follow up workout video.  He too listened to the masses to bring us an even greater workout.  He made them longer and he made them tougher.  He made them extreme!  I bought my video directly from Mike and he included a personal note in the mailing (that I will keep)  – how cute is that!!!


My review:

6.  Patrick Goudeau – Extreme Calorie Burn.  I reviewed this one clear back in January 2012.  This is a fun workout.  And on a side note Toby Massenburg and Anja from Daily Burn’s Inferno workouts appear as background workout folks in this video.


My review here:

7.  Jessica Smith – 10 lbs. Down Cardio Abs.  This workout DVD has probably received the most play time from me this year.  I used to use it as a finisher workout when I would come home from the gym and felt I needed a little more.  I also use it as my go to video when I travel to my parents’ house.  I have limited tools to work with when I go there and I am able to do this workout and know that I am still challenged with it.


My review here:

8.  Cathe – Butts and Guts.  Yes I know this workout DVD is originally from 2006 but it WAS reviewed on my blog in 2012 and that is what makes it a qualifier.  This workout set the precedent for workouts on the market today.  This workout is legendary!  I now use some of the moves she does in this workout in my own regimen.


My review here:

9.  Jackie Warner – 30 Day Fast Start.  This workout DVD will get your upper body in gear for sure.  I know it helped move things along for me and made me less self-conscious at the beach this year.


My review here:

10.  Ariane Hundt Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp:  I gave this workout DVD a spot on my list because it gave us something different.  It gave us the visual of actually running the Brooklyn Bridge.  I know I didn’t like all the jumping jacks in the video but modifications are easily made and what fun it is to get the feeling of the bustling city.


My review here:

THERE IT IS FOLKS!  The TOP 10 workout video reviews from the Mistransformation blog in 2012!

I already am in the making for more reviews in 2013.

Here’s to a Happy New Year!  Thank you all for visiting my blog!


6 Responses to “Top 10 Workout Videos Reviewed on Mistransformation in 2012”

  1. Hi, Happy New Year, and thanks always for your reviews. They are really well written. I do not have that talent, so bear with me. I’m glad you put the Brooklyn Bridge last. Though it did make your top 10. I did watch the clips several several times, but something about it just did not click with me. I told you once before I feel guilty doing anything but Cathe, and I’m awaiting excitedly for XTrain, but will review all these top 9 you mentioned in case I dare mix them in with Cathe. I have been interested in Toby Massenburg, still deciding. Really just want to tell you I read your blogs and appreciate them totally!

    • Well, the BB workout made it because of the visual effects it offers – in that it’s not the same old/same old. I did get a GREAT workout after it but the jumping jacks I had to start modifying to ski jumps, etc., when I got sick and tired of them.

  2. Great summary of your best reviews. I had not heard about a few of these programs. I’ll have to give them a try.

    • Jenn – (or anyone) – you get a free month trial of Daily Burn! It is TOTALLY worth it. Just remember when your month is up and you can cancel before they charge your credit card. I have decided to keep my member ship for a few months and then stop and rejoin as I deem necessary. The cost after the free trial is $10.00 a month.

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  4. thanks for the reviews, good stuff! I usually create my own workout so seeing this variety helps to keep me on my toes

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