Men’s Health DeltaFit Speed Shred: H.E.A.T. Workouts DVD Review


This will be my last review for the DeltaFit Speed Shred program.  Hopefully it won’t be my last review from BJ Gaddour though.  These DeltaFit Speed Shred reviews continue to be the most popular posts on my blog.

H.E.A.T stands for:  High-Energy Athletic Training (HEAT) Workouts. These workouts are meant to be used as active recovery.  The are not intense workouts. There are 3 separate programs on this DVD. I will explain each separately.

A) Sweat & Stretch – – This workout bounces back between one minute of low impact cardio moves and 1 minute foam roller or stretch moves.  This is probably the least intense of the three programs on this particular DVD.  I was glad to see BJ finally have an offering of some kind of recovery like the foam roller and the stretch.  This program is roughly 30 mins in length.

B) Combat Cardio – – This workout has rounds of a combat movement like punching, kicking or blocking one minute for each side of the body and then an active recovery movement of mock jump rope.  There are 10 total rounds for a 40 minute workout (give or take a few).  On and “off” day this is a nice little workout.  Not intense but with all the punching, kicking and jumping you do get an adequate workout in.

C) Ultimate Isometrics — BJ says to think of this workout as high intensity yoga.  Any real yogi may be offended by this because it’s not really like yoga at all but I think BJ was trying to get a point across that it is managing your bodyweight in a pose for a length of time although this length of time is short followed by a short rest period.  For this workout the circuits are 10 seconds of work and 5 seconds of rest for 12 rounds/1 movement BJ progresses the bodyweight movements throughout to challenge you.  You do this for approximately 40 minutes.  This workout sneaks up on you.  I really had developed a sweat when all was said and done.  I also had a sore behind the next day from the elevated supine planks on a chair challenged by lifting each leg separately.  I would have to say this was my favorite of all three on this disc.

I have enjoyed performing and reviewing the DeltaFit Speed Shred DVDs.  I’m really glad I discovered BJ Gaddour.  I hope I am able to post more from him in the future.







3 Responses to “Men’s Health DeltaFit Speed Shred: H.E.A.T. Workouts DVD Review”

  1. Thx for sharing this. My husband’s birthday is coming up and now I know what to get him ❤

  2. Looks like an awesome workout series!

  3. Looks great! I have to try it.

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