Cathe Friedrich XTrain: Cardio Leg Blast (Disc 6) Workout DVD Review


Just as promised I am back with my review of the Cardio Leg Blast (disc 6) workout from Cathe’s XTrain series.

I will say right off the bat that I liked this better than Legs.  Initially this is the workout I was excited about when Cathe announced the XTrain series but after seeing a video of the Legs workout I had changed my mind to wanting just Legs.  Well my mind is changing back again and this is the one that I prefer.

Cathe uses heavier weights in this workout (think #20, #25) and does shorter reps. I would say if this is too heavy then use a lighter weight but please use heavy enough to challenge yourself – just not too much to hurt your back.  Especially if you are not used to a heavier weight.  You could even choose heavier weight if it is available and you are used to it.  After a good warmup, Cathe alternates cardio blasts with strength portions as listed below.   Equipment needed:  Dumbbells (several weights tailored to your needs) Step  (Cathe uses 3 risers – I say tailor to your needs or use what you have available)  Dixie Cups (I don’t use them) and Firewalker Loop stretchy strength band (could get away without this but do buy yourself one for other workouts these things are great).

Round One:

Cardio: Pop squats/jump ropes/plyo jacks   Strength:  Alternating Back Lunges  (#20s)

Round Two:

Cardio:  Touch down jacks/split jumps    Strength: Plie Squats  (one 25#)

Round Three:

Cardio:  Side Explosive Lunges      Strength:  Elevated Lunges  (what I would call a split lunge – you put your foot up on your step)

Round Four:

Cardio:  Frog jumps forward/back/Plie Jacks    Strength:  Wide Stance Deadlifts (#20s)

Round Five:

Cardio:  Plyo Jacks/Air Jacks    Strength:  Squats (#20s)

Round Six: 

Cardio: Dixie Cup Lateral Skates (opt. cups)         Strength:  Step Ups (#20s)

Round Seven:

Cardio:  Power 7/Up Jack Down Jack (w/ a step – could do on floor)   Strength:  Static Lunge  (#20s)

Round Eight:

Cardio:  Fast Feet Shuffle/Jump Rope (step)    Strength:  Plie Squat Step Outs

Round Nine:

Cardio:  Right Leg Lead Jump Ups onto the Step/Straddle Off & Step Down   Strength:  Deadlift w/ Elevated Toes (opt.)  (#20s)

Round Ten:

Cardio:  Left Leg Lead Jump Ups onto the Step/Straddle Off & Step Down     Strength:   Side Lunges (one #15 – I think I could have gone heavier)

Round Eleven:

Cardio:  Step Knee Tap Down/Step Freeze    Strength:  Single Leg Deadlifts w/ back toe down  (#20s)

Round Twelve:

Cardio:  L-Step Into Over Top of Step Six Times      Strength:  Alternating Front Lunges onto Step (opt. — #15s)

There is an adequate stretch as per usual.

I liked this workout a lot.  With the cardio portions it offered the intensity that I like.  I still didn’t feel it was up to the standards of Butts and Guts however.  I would give this one an A-.  I did think it was better than Legs but again it goes back to doing more sets with each movement and working to fatigue.

Besides this “regular” 54 minute workout Cathe offers lots of goodies.  The great chaptering that you all have come to know, plenty of premixes and bonuses and challenges that I will talk about below.

Cathe gives us TWO bonuses in this workout.

First it’s Core #2 (I would venture a guess one of the other videos contains #1).  In this short workout you will fatigue your abs for sure.   Think 60 reps!  Thankfully Cathe lets off a little progressively.  You will work your obliques thoroughly as well. This is roughly about 13 minutes (give or take a few).

The second bonus is Burn Sets Bi’s.  After doing this bonus I now know one thing for certain I am going to purchase the Burn Sets Workout DVD in the XTrain series.  I’m not going to give a lot away because I will be reviewing it but let’s just say I wish that Cathe had done a Burn Sets Legs. It’s all about fatigue.


Cathe gives us two 100 rep challenges:

Scarecrow:  Which is a move where your arms look like they are in a goal post position. You alternate raising the “LIGHT” weight from flat to the goalpost position or scarecrow if you will. Trust me you will feel it.  I started with 5 pound weights but after about 50 had to go down to 3s.

She “re-gave” us the Hip Thrust 100 Rep Challenge that was also on Legs.  This is where you lie on the floor and have your back elevated and using a barbell, dumbbell or weight plate “thrust” your hips up and down.  This is great for the booty!

9 Responses to “Cathe Friedrich XTrain: Cardio Leg Blast (Disc 6) Workout DVD Review”

  1. Hi, Thank you for that excellent review. I do not have legs, but did get Cardio Leg Blast, and agree with your opinion. I actually love it. I have done it a few times. I usually do it with core 1 or 2, and do some sort of upper body weight workout. I just bought 20 pound weights, one at a time, and now have two, so the next time, I am anxious to try the 20. Been using 15 pounds, but was really not as tough as I knew it should have been, though still tough. Thank you for listing the weights she uses with each round!!!. I love this. I’m printing it to put it in my exercise log under Cardio Leg Blast. I look forward to your reviews, but especially any of Cathe!

  2. comebackmommajenn Says:

    Cathe really knows how to work legs. I worked out with her in person 2 years ago at Fitbloggin.

  3. I need to try this one out!

  4. Wow looks tough.

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