Paul Katami’s Bootcamp 4x4x2 Workout DVD Review


Paul Katami’s Burn & Build Kettlebell workout DVD was my overall winner in 2011 for best workout DVD of the year.  I love Paul’s style as a workout leader.  Before Bootcamp 4x4x2 I had only done Paul’s kettlebell workout DVDs.  When this was first released I was really excited to try it out but then I read a few reviews on it about it being very plank based exercises and I put off trying it out for a while.  While I don’t mind plank exercises a video with too many of them is hard on my wrists and my hands happen to be my money-maker so I have to be careful in that aspect.  Upon second thought I decided to try it and I’m sorry I didn’t try it sooner.  I didn’t find that there were too many plank exercises.  Paul seemed to segment these moves between others, i.e., doing a move that is plyometric in nature, then a plank based exercise and then another dynamic movement type exercise.

For this workout you will need a few sets of dumbbells.  This workout only has a short warmup to you may want to warm up a bit on your own before this workout. The cool down is sufficient.

This workout is set up in blocks of 4 movements performed for a minute a piece with 15 seconds between movements and 30 seconds between blocks.  Each block is completed twice.  There are 4 total blocks for the original workout but Paul throws in what he calls a bonus block.  If you select the main workout program on the DVD though this “bonus” does play along with the other 4 blocks.

Paul tells you to push yourself in the movements but he also tells you that it is okay to take a few second break if you need to and to tailor it to your own threshold.  He doesn’t have a dedicated modifier in the workout but tells you that it is okay to modify if you need to and I don’t think it would be too hard to come up with a sufficient modifier own your own.

This workout snuck up on me.  While completing it I thought to myself, “This isn’t so bad” but then that night I wound up in bed a lot earlier than usual and definitely slept deeper than usual that night (I have problems sleeping so this is a big thing to note).

While the workout isn’t anything out of the ordinary compared to other advanced circuit type workouts, (think Patrick Goudeau, Cathe, Toby Massenburg) this is a good solid workout and if you love Paul Katami’s style, I don’t think this one will disappoint.

AFTERWARD:  RedPanda reminded me in the comments that this workout has an option on the menu to mix up the workout – that way you may do what was originally block 4 as block 1 and what was originally block 2 as block 4, etc.  That way you wouldn’t know what was coming and it would be a surprise.   These are always added benefits to workout DVDs that make them better than the rest.

5 Responses to “Paul Katami’s Bootcamp 4x4x2 Workout DVD Review”

  1. RedPanda Says:

    Sounds good! I have this DVD, but haven’t done it yet. Another bonus is that the DVD has a “mix up your workout” feature to keep it fresh.

    And is it just me, or is Paul going, “Mwuh-hah-ha! Prepare to suffer!” in the cover photo?

    • YES! Thanks for mentioning that! I meant to include that and knew I was missing something but couldn’t remember what it was. I’m going to go in and make a side note at the end. This sort of thing is big to me because premixes, chaptering, mix-ups are nice additions to workout DVDs.

  2. Sounds like a great workout!!! I like that it has a feature to mix up the workout too!

  3. Paulin Soleyman Says:

    What a great workout. I love Kettlebells so I am glad I came across this review

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