Lindsay Brin Pretty Fierce Lean Out – Anaerobic Capacity Cardio DVD Review


Lindsay Brin has two new fitness programs – Pretty Fierce Lean Out and Pretty Fierce Weight Loss – tailored to whether or not you just need to shape and define your body more or maybe you have some serious weight to lose.  These 60 day programs are multi-disc sets (weight loss is 8 discs and lean out is 11 discs).  My review is from the Lean Out program and is the Anaerobic Capacity Cardio DVD only.

My first dealing with Lindsay Brin was a boot camp type of workout.  When I first saw Lindsay I just thought that she was put in the forefront because she is cute and pretty. Looking at her, she appears to be just barely out of her teens so at first I thought what could this little girl possibly offer to me.  I quickly learned that I was totally wrong.  Lindsay is not only in her early 30s, she is a mother of three and totally knows her way around the fitness world.  She is marketed towards “Moms into Fitness” – which I am not a mom but I don’t think that means you cannot do her workouts.

I was really happy to see that Lindsay had released not only one but two new 60 day multi-disc programs.

For the Anaerobic Capacity Cardio workout you will not need any equipment.  It is about 36 minutes in length includes a warm up and a stretch and focuses on HIIE or HIIT training.

While the market seems to be bombarded with HIIT training workouts at the moment this DVD had a couple of things different going for it.  It is set up with 10 movements of 40 seconds work on and 20 seconds of rest and it is intended that you go all out.   A cool feature on this DVD is that you can see the move that you are doing and the moves that are coming up running across the bottom of the screen.  The movement you are currently doing is highlighted and you are able to see what movement is coming up (then you can either dread it or be thankful for the next move).  There is also a “seconds” clock on the lower right hand corner so you know where you are at in your work.  The ten movements are plyometric/dynamic movements intended to get your heart rate up. Lindsay explains she wants you to “gas” your heart and not your muscles.  The type of movements are High Knees – Jack w/ Big Jacks, Mini Suicide Runs, Mountain Climber to High Knees, Double Jump Ropes, Speed Skaters, Switch to Knee Hops R/L, Heel to High Knee Jump Ropes, and finally 2 plank jacks to 2 pike jacks.

After that first round of ten moves you get a one minute break.  You then go into what Lindsay terms the Superfit 60/60 which are moves that are a little higher in intensity and are done for 60 seconds and 60 seconds of rest.  There are only 4 Superfit moves total.  Power Slaloms, Burpee Jack & Tuck, Switch Knee Kicks L/R.

After the 60 second rest, you then do the first ten moves in descending order – 2 pike jacks to plank jacks, Heel to High Knee Jump Rops, Switch Knee Hops R/L, Speed Skaters, etc. These moves are the 40 seconds of work and 20 seconds of rest.

This is a nice quick HIIT workout.  It got me breathless and I enjoyed it.  I liked the Superfit section between the two 40/20 rounds and I like that she did the second set in descending order.

Lindsay is a no holds barred instructor.  She pushes.  She’s a little spit fire.  I hope that I am able to offer more workout reviews from either one of her new programs.

As a heads up I also hear she has pregnancy workout coming out soon.  (NOT THAT I WILL BE NEEDING THAT!)

4 Responses to “Lindsay Brin Pretty Fierce Lean Out – Anaerobic Capacity Cardio DVD Review”

  1. comebackmommajenn Says:

    Look at Lindsay looking all bad-ass. I am used to seeing her all cutesy too. I’ll have to try this one. Sounds great!

  2. I love HIIT workouts!!! These workouts are the only things (besides running) who help me lose weight since I have one of those bodies who just don’t want to give up the fat.

  3. Sounds like an awesome workout!!!

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