Cathe XTrain Burn Sets (Disc 3) Workout DVD Review

I originally had a taste of Burn Sets when Burn Sets Bi’s showed up as a Bonus onthe Cardio Legs Blast workout DVD. I really liked the concept.  In fact, I wish that Cathe would create a Burn Sets Legs workout or at least have it as a segment in a DVD.   You will need various sizes of dumbbells for this workout and Cathe also utilizes a strength band and the firewalker (for one of he moves).   As far as weight loads – think 20s, 25s, 30s, 10s and 8s (for the smaller muscle groups).


Burn sets is two separate workouts.  Chest, Back and Shoulders are grouped together (51 minutes) and Bi’s and Tri’s are grouped together (37 minutes).  Depending on your preference in working out muscle groups you can do them separately or do them altogether for a long and thorough workout.

I purchased this because I felt that I wasn’t being totally honest in my upper body workouts and while these moves are classic gym style movements the concept will work you to total failure to give you results.

In each muscle group their are 3 movements where Cathe does 10 reps of the movement for 2 of the sets and on the 3rd set this is to be your failure set and you are to train to failure.  After the three movements, Cathe adds in a burn set of one exercise for that muscle group to really fry and finish your muscle.   Each muscle group is trained before moving on to another muscle group.

After doing this workout DVD 5 times I could really notice a difference in my biceps – they definitely look more pumped up.  I do go heavy in this workout and go up in weight when I feel that I have gotten stronger in a movement.  I do not cheat myself so that I can see results.   For the smaller muscle groups where you can’t go up 5 lbs I do as Cathe suggests and use my weighted gloves to add resistance.

The Bonus workout is the Core #1 which is a great workout that will not only work your core but your hip flexors will be feeling it as well.

While this workout will not be exciting to some people (the music is pretty boring) – if you want to see results in your upper body – this workout will deliver (provided you go heavy).

4 Responses to “Cathe XTrain Burn Sets (Disc 3) Workout DVD Review”

  1. I LOVE workout DVD’s with female trainers who are not afraid of using heavy weights.

  2. I need to look into this one!

  3. comebackmommajenn Says:

    I need to get back to some upper body only DVDs too.

  4. I love Cathe!!! I need upper body strength too!

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