SWEAT: More with Jen Edwards Workout DVD Review


SWEAT: More with Jen Edwards is an aero/tone interval workout that utilizes high intensity cardio movements and compound strength movements to give you a killer workout.  This workout has 5 segments and within each segment are 3 movements. The first is the cardio high intensity move which is usually a higher impact movement.  The other two are the compound strength movements that utilize a dumbbell.  There are three circuits.  The first round is 60 seconds, the second round is 45 seconds and the third “speed” round is 30 seconds (Jen usually bumps up the intensity in this round).  You will need at least one dumbbell for this workout.  I used a variety of weights depending on what I could handle.  I used 15#, 10#, 8# and 5# (for the tricep move – hey that burned).  Jen uses a 5 pound weight throughout while the background people used 3 pounds.  If you are advanced level five or three pounds will be too easy for you and you are really going to have to bump up the weight (like me).  There is a modifier for someone who cannot do higher impact moves.

After a nice thorough warm up:

First Segment Moves:  Hook Jack – Side Lunge – Back Row with Glute Squeeze

Second Segment Moves:  Basketball Drill – Quick Feet – Lunge and Twist

Third Segment Moves: Jack and Punch – Squat & Swing – Overhead Tricep Extension

Fourth Segment Moves:  Swimming Speed Skaters – Around the Clock Squat – Diagonal Knee Shoulder Press

Fifth Segment Moves:  Jump Rope – Side Shuffle with Weight (more dynamic – the shuffle is sort of a hop) -Diagonal Squat Press (bumped up with a kick)

This workout ends with a core cool down consisting of some rotations with the weight and side bends with weight. There is a short stretch that is sufficient but nothing like a Cathe stretch.

This workout is roughly 60 mins.  The set for this workout was nice and clean and pleasant to look at.  This was my first workout with Jen Edwards.  I liked her.  She was motivating enough but wasn’t a bully at all.  She was knowledgeable and offered tips throughout.  This workout is a high-intermediate level and is great for someone at that level wanting to advance their workout. It may be too challenging for a beginner but if they wanted to step out of their comfort zone they could try doing all the modified moves.  An advanced level wouldn’t be bored if they really pushed the cardio portions and used heavy weights for the strength segments.  If an advanced level used 5 pounds throughout I don’t think they would feel challenged at all and would think this workout was too easy.

Jen Edwards also has a SWEAT: Total Body Burn workout available but I have not tried that because it is labeled as an intermediate level only not intermediate/advanced like this one is.

I would give this workout video 3 1/2 stars. I would like to see Jen Edwards release something even MORE challenging than this!  I think she would be really great at it.



5 Responses to “SWEAT: More with Jen Edwards Workout DVD Review”

  1. I have never heard of Jen Edwards. Thanks for introducing me to her. Sounds like a good workout.

  2. Sounds like a great workout! I’ve never heard of her before but if she is as good as you say she is I hope we see more of her workout DVD’s in the future

    • I had never heard of her before either. I try to review the DVDs that aren’t the most popular on the market. For instance Jillian Michaels has a new DVD out and while I have reviewed her workouts on here before I am trying to offer something different.

  3. Sounds like a great workout!!!

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