TapouT XT 2 Total Body XT, 8 Pack Abs and Cross Core Combat 2 Reviews

logo-xt2In my last post I reviewed the “Hurl” workout and I was enthusiastically considering purchasing the TapouT XT2 program. I have since had the opportunity to do 3 more workouts from the series.  While I did like the workouts, I didn’t find them as exciting as the Hurl workout so I don’t think I want to purchase the whole shebang anymore.  I do however plan on trying more workouts from the series through my DVD rental program at Keneticflix.

Total Body XT

This is a 60 minute workout that uses the strength band and the ball. It does just what it says:  It targets every muscle group in your body.  There are many variations of the pushup and biceps curls with the band.  You will definitely burn out your biceps and shoulders (provided you use a high level band). I liked the sinister circle move where you sort of ran side to side around the ball in a plank position.

One caveat is that working with the bands can be sort of a pain because they are hard to change position.  It takes time from the workout.  Plus if you need to adjust it that can take away a rep or two from the movement.

I did feel that it hit every muscle group and the workout is dynamic enough that this isn’t piddly work it just isn’t something I want to do over and over again.

8 Pack Abs XT

This is a 25 minute workout that targets the abs.  This workout starts out and gives you the impression that it is going to be easy but after about 10 minutes into it your abs begin to burn and you understand why Mike tells you that he is “carving” the abs. This workout uses the ball only.

Cross Core Combat 2

This workout is about 65 minutes in length and targets not just your abs but your core.  This workout is longer and more dynamic than the 8 Pack Abs workout.  You will use the ball, strength bands and optional weighted gloves for this workout.  A lot of moves are done in plank position but then there is an added element to it such as a twist or a side plank.  There are a lot of punching drills in the workout utilizing the band.  Sometimes I felt like I was losing some of my range of motion because of the band but maybe I was using too high of a strength band.  Mike does tell you to adjust your bands if needed.

All in all these workouts aren’t bad workouts.  A few things.  I do like Mike the trainer but he was a bit cockier in these than in the Hurl workout and I just didn’t feel as gripped by these workouts as I did the others.  Not enough to stop me from trying others but enough that I don’t want to commit to purchasing the whole package.
Also these are not beginner workouts.  These workouts are for seriously committed folks.  Could I do each and every movement – not on your life – I cannot do jumping pushups my hands are my money maker and I can’t risk hurting my wrist.  I just modify as I need but it is only on a few moves.

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