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Michelle Dozois’ Body Fit 360 DVD Review

Posted in Health/Fitness, Motivation/Inspiration, Review of Product, Workout DVDs, Workout review on June 17, 2013 by mistransformation


When Michelle announced a few months ago that she was coming out with 3 new workouts I was excited.  I have been working out with Michelle for years (before she was Dozois although her maiden name escapes me at the moment) and had most recently before this DVD done a few of her Peak 10 DVDs.  I saw that she Remixed 2 of her Peak 10 workouts (strength and cardio) and she was also releasing something new, this Body Fit 360.  At first I was disappointed to see that she was doing a mat fusion workout.  Not because I don’t like mat fusion workouts but because they are usually too easy for me and I have to do them on off days or when I am recovering from an injury.  My excitement level increased however when I saw that on the major workout DVD selling websites this was listed as an advanced workout and then I was intrigued.

I opted to purchase this workout DVD over the Peak 10 Remixes because this was something different than my normal interval training (although I’m sure the Peak 10 Remixes are good).  I am really happy I made this decision.  I really enjoyed this workout.  It is done barefoot on a mat and you don’t need any equipment.  It is a blend of modern dance (think ballet and jazz), pilates and yoga (body weight exercises).  This workout is a real core burner and your body will surprisingly heat up and you will be sweating by the end.  The workout is 52 minutes long but there is a long 9 minute relaxing stretch segment at the end.  The workout will seem to fly by.

The dancing is a mix of graceful and funky.  I like that.  It isn’t high intensity as far as this getting your heart rate up into a HiiT type of range (if that is what you advanced exercisers are hoping) but there are times when Michelle adds a little jump or spring to the movement giving an added challenge.  The ballet type moves will really challenge your balance and make you feel graceful (something I LOVE!).  It’s nice to feel girly once in a while.

The body weight exercisers will challenge your upper body strength and core.  You will also get a surprising burn to your buttocks as I felt mine the day after I did this workout (I think from the bridge type movements).

This DVD has a movement explanation/instruction segment to choose from on the menu and you may want to watch that before you try the workout so the plough roll (think Dreya roll P90X people) to standing up won’t surprise you when it pops up (this is a challenging move and you should not do it if you aren’t familiar with it and risk hurting yourself).

Some of us unlucky ones who purchased this DVD off the bat got one with a 2 second delay during a movement.  Michelle offered a replacement to everyone who did.  I opted out though. It doesn’t really hurt my flow.  It happens during a chair pose segment and I’m not really looking at the screen so it didn’t bother me, you can still hear the sound.

I think this workout is a really well done workout.  It was just what I was hoping for in a more challenging mat fusion type workout.  I hope Michelle releases more of these type workouts with the same amount of challenge.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars.  Just because the dancing isn’t intense enough – it’s fun though so I’m not complaining.