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Quickie Review: TapouT XT2 Drench Workout

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logo-xt2I have reviewed a couple of other workouts from this series.  I really liked the Hurl workout and while I liked the others they just didn’t hold up to that one.

Today I completed the Drench workout and it is ‘almost’ (I repeat ‘almost’) up there with the Hurl workout.

This workout is cardio based whereas the others may add an element of strength.  You don’t use a weighted medicine ball and you don’t use the strength bands.  The only thing you optionally use is a jump rope and weighted gloves (I did use a jump rope but not the weighted gloves – I’m sure adding the gloves would have floored me).

This workout is drill based and I will warn that it is at a bit of a frantic pace but that’s why I loved it!  I mean I didn’t have time to think.  I didn’t have time to even process through my brain that I wasn’t sure if I could finish the workout.  I just kept changing drills and pushing through. Some people would not care for this however and would prefer a more predictable pace.

Mike does a lot of sprint drills, jump rope segments, jumping lunges, lateral lunges, punch drills and rope drills.  By rope drills I’m not talking about jumping rope. I am talking about simulating using the “ropes” (if you’ve seen that in workouts or ever done it yourself).  I liked this element.  I can’t remember ever doing these rope drills in another workout before.  So this added an element of fun to the workout for me.  Also, if you aren’t a fan of sprawls you will not like this workout. Mike adds sprawls on to a lot of the drills.

There are water breaks interspersed throughout the workout (thank God!) and you will notice that the others working out with Mike are sometimes struggling with the drills.  Considering Mike has a few MMA stars with him in the workout you won’t feel like a complete sloth if these guys can’t even keep up.

Before the cool down/stretch this workout contains the signature Killer Move finale and in this workout it was called “The Bad Boys.”  (Four tuck jumps, Four Tuck Ins and 4 Knee Drives)  This is done for two minutes.  I mean if that’s not a finisher I don’t know what is.

By the end of the workout I really felt the feel good endorphins kick in and I knew I had a kick ass workout.

I would rate this workout at 4 1/2 stars out of 5 but with a warning of the frantic pace to those that do not enjoy that sort of thing.


Michelle Dozois Peak 10 Cardio Strength Remix

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Michelle Dozois – Peak 10 Cardio Strength Remix –  I have reviewed other Peak 10 workouts on my blog and this latest did not disappoint.  It followed the same set up as the other Cardio Strength Peak 10 workouts with the Basecamp, Ascent, Climb and Peak portions – – Basecamp/Ascent being the strength segments where you will use your weights.  Two sets of weights are ideal.  A heavy set and a light set.  If you have more sets of weights and are able to go up or down just switch them up as needed.   The Climb and the Peak portions are cardio and done without weights.   The Peak portion is one movement that is used to push you to the “peak” (like a tuck jump, diamond jump, etc.)

Most of the moves were fresh (sliding pushup) with a few old favorites (like stir the pot) thrown in.  The strength portions were challenging (power row to press) and Michelle even threw in some bodyweight challenged movements (tricep dips).  Also there were options where you could make the strength move more dynamic (a little hop) or you could follow the modifier.

The aerobics portions were funky and fun – a little bit of dance, a little bit of kickbox inspired moves, plyometrics, etc.  Before I knew it this workout just flew right by.  At the end I was as heated up as a furnace.

I would give this workout 4 out of 5 stars.   I may just be getting tired of the whole strength/cardio workouts that are bombarding the market these days.  I know they work but I enjoyed the BodyFit 360 so much because it was challenging but different.

One thing I will note on this workout is that even though in the title it says:  Remix – this is not a mashup of other Peak 10 Cardio Strength DVDs it’s all new and fresh.  I have read other reviews and saw where this was sort of a confusion for some people.