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Dasha Libin Kettlebell Kickboxing The Body Series 40/20 Workout DVD Review

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My review will be of one workout from the Kettlebell Kickboxing The Body Series.  The workout I completed is the KB Cardio 40/20 Burn workout.  For the first time in Mistransformation history I liked one of the workout DVDs so much that I wanted more and I completed it two times total.  That being said there were some problems with this workout that I will address below.

I used a 25 lb kettlebell.  Anything less and I wouldn’t have been challenged.  There were two moves where I had to lower the weight and I mention them below.

This workout itself is for intermediate to advanced person with kettlebell experience and knowledge of proper form.  This series does contain a kettlebell 101 disk and I would assume that would be a proper teaching tool.

After a thorough mobility warm up this workout starts out with a minute of mock jumping rope.

After that you get into the meat of the workout.  This being drills of 40 seconds of work and 20 seconds of rest.

The Drills:

ONE:  KB bottoms up swing to swing catch to knee up (alternating)

TWO:  3 alternating knees to sprawl.

THREE:  Complete Drill One again.

FOUR:  5 alternating knees and a sprawl.

FIVE:  Clean and press – In this segment there is an editing issue.  Dasha started out on the right arm but the clock didn’t start so it seems she is doing a total explanation then she goes on to the second arm (and the clock starts) but if you weren’t already finished with the first side because you didn’t realize you were supposed to be working out you miss it (I rewound it).  When I completed this the second time I accounted for this issue. This is an example of bad editing. It happened a couple of times in the workout where you should have been working out and Dasha was giving an explanation so you didn’t realize you should be doing the drill.  This drill was the worst of them though.

SIX: Jab Cross Side Thruster (really advanced can throw in a pushup)

SEVEN:  KB Killer Combo – On this Dasha says don’t squat but it feels just like that is what you are doing.  It is lowering to your heels in something of a squat and pushing the kettlebell up center and then pivoting left to right after that.  Dasha completes this 2x.  Your heart rate really gets up.  On the 2nd time around Dasha has Jenelle demo this move with a deck squat (Dreya Roll).  This is the first time I’ve seen anyone do this move with a kettlebell.  That’s really hardcore (not to mention dangerous unless you are really advanced – I won’t be doing that anytime soon).

EIGHT:  Reach Over Laterals Hops (not a skate).  This move is like a pendulum.  You replace one foot w/ the other while hopping laterally.

NINE:  Alternating Clean Push Press

TEN:  Repeat above Alt. Clean Push Press and add a backwards lunge and an advanced option is given.

ELEVEN:  My favorite move of the workout:   3 way laterals.  This is like a speed skater but with three different options for your arms.  First you try to touch the floor, next your arms are in the middle and on the third option you balance your leg in a Warrior 3 type movement.

TWELVE:  Alternating Kickout warriors – This move is a kickout to the side of your leg.  You bring your leg back in and lower the kettlebell to the floor while raising your leg like in Warrior 3.  I lowered the weight of my KB in this move so I could concentrate on balance and not throw out my back.   I liked this move though.  I don’t think I would have with a heavier weight.  I enjoyed the challenge.

THIRTEEN:  Bottoms up swing to goblet squat.

FOURTEEN:  SAQ Drill – I really can’t explain this but it’s a hopping drill and requires concentration. If you can’t get it and just hop you will be fine.

FIFTEEN:  Bottoms up raise to walking goblet squat – Like the bottoms up to squat above but when you get into the squat you stay in the squated position and then travel (walk).

SIXTEEN:  Lateral switches to double side thrusters.   Another one that you have to see to get an idea of what is done.

SEVENTEEN:  Grip curl press and lunge.  While gripping the kettlebell you curl it like a bicep curl and press it like a shoulder press.  After bringing it back down you do a backwards lunge.  Sort of feels like you are finishing off the strength department.

EIGHTEEN:  Grip curl press and lunge on the other arm/leg.

NINETEEN:  Last move (done for 2 minutes):  Alternating Jiujitsu Get Ups (with options given).  This is the other move I had to lower the weight.  There is no way I could keep a 25 lb kettlebell raised up for 2 minutes.

After the drills there is a cool down/stretch.  I felt a little more time could have been given to this.  I did a 30 minute yoga program after this though on my own.  Dasha’s not a big fan of flexibility however as she will tell you in this segment that mobility is more important than flexibility.  I am a fan of both.

At the end of this workout during the stretch segment Dasha tells you a bit about her background and her past (weight problem she had/why she trains).  At that point she felt more human to me.  You also get a taste of her knowledge of sports science.  She has a Master’s Degree in it.  I really didn’t know Dasha before this DVD.   I am hoping to try The Body Perfect Butt Lift and Shape DVD in the future.

I would give this 40/20 DVD 3 1/2 stars even though I liked the workout itself.  The bad editing of the DVD should have been caught on a workout series that is pretty costly – $119.95 on her website.  There is really no excuse for that type of error (especially when it occurred more than once).   I was lucky enough to get this DVD through my Kineticflix subscription.


Cathe Lean Legs & Abs Workout DVD Review

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I am sure some of you Catheletes already know that Cathe has just released a multitude of new workout DVDs.  Lean Legs and Abs is the first one I have tried from that group.

This DVD has three segments and a bonus Barre segment  (besides a thorough warm up and stretch as per usual)

Segment One: Compound Legs

This segment is full of compound exercises like Squat Press (which the 2nd time through she adds a bicep curl), Leaning Lunges, Lunges w/ Hammer Curl, Sumo Squat Clean to Press, Side Lunges w/ an Upright Row, Front/Back Lunges w/ jump switch, Backward Lunge w/ Knee Lift and Shoulder Press,

This segment is designed with an emphasis on legs but moves that get your heart rate up. Light weights are utilized.  Cathe uses 8s.  I wouldn’t go too heavy with these moves since they move very fast. You could even go down in weight or not use them if your form is affected when you use the weights. My favorite move: Backward Lunge w/ Ham Curl to Stand Up, My Least Favorite: Diagonal Lunges,

Out of all 3 segments this was my favorite.

Segment Two – Chair and Firewalker Band (strength band)

Holding 8 lb weight standing by chair you lift your leg working your quad.

Using Firewalker Band or other stretch band traveling forward zigzag walk to a lateral skate – THIS BURNS (if you use a strong enough band) (my favorite move of this segment)

Sitting on your knees on a mat leaning backwards and using the strength of the thighs to pull yourself up.

Lying on floor while using the Firewalker band Cathe goes through various leg lifts in different angles to work the outer and front of the thigh.

Segment Three – Core Segment

Starts with situps, different variations of crunches, using 8lb dumbbell in one hand situp to overhead press, leg isolation holds (tougher than it looks), scissors, X-crunches, rowing crunches, half-twists, weighted half-twists, and ending with a bicycle segment.  Cathe has some of the best core segments.  Short but sweet – effective.

On another note, while doing this segment I could feel how much stronger my abs have gotten.  Perhaps from all the yoga I do.

Bonus Segment – Barre

Using a chair pulse squats, plie’ pulse squats, isometric plie’ while pushing knees backward (like a butterfly move).

Next Cathe utilizes each side of the chair doing various leg lifts working both the front and outer thighs and ending with circle lifts.

This Barre segment isn’t really that hard. I have done harder.  I have not tried any of Cathe’s full Barre workouts but I’m sure they are tougher than this one.  It is a good finisher to the other leg segments though.

I think an intermediate would be comfortable doing this workout.  This workout isn’t as brutal as some of Cathe’s other workouts,  As I said, I liked the first segment the best.  I wish it had been longer.  I like getting my heart rate up.  I would give this workout DVD 3 1/2 stars out of 5.  It’s great but it’s not brutal.  I guess I’m a glutton for punishment….hoping to try her Great Glutes workout soon for comparison.

SIDE NOTE: The day after completing this workout my thighs hurt in an area which they usually do not after I do various other glute/leg workouts.  They hurt in the lower part of my inner thigh – I guess that is the area that Cathe even mentions during the barre segment (I think that was the segment she mentions the area that ages “gracefully” – correct me if I’m wrong). I consider this a good thing because I feel like it worked an area of my body that may not get hit in that spot often enough.

Lauren Brooks The Kettlebell Body Workout DVD Quickie Review

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I recently tried The Kettlebell Body workout DVD by Lauren Brooks.  I have followed Lauren on Facebook for many years and she knows kettlebells.  This is the first workout DVD of hers that I have ever tried. The workouts are beginner through advanced with modifications for each. A beginner should definitely use the tutorial chapter of the DVD.


Great all around set up of the DVD – chaptering, etc.

Great tutorial chapter with explanation of moves.

Three separate workouts:  Kettlesculpt, Kettlebutts and The Kettlebell Body.

Lauren used a variety of background women to workout with ranging in age from 20s to late 50s.


One warmup/cooldown that you have to use for the beginning and the end.  This isn’t a deal breaker for me though.  I did yoga after the workout. I just think it needs to be put out there.

The three workouts aren’t long.  I strung them all together for one kick ass kettlebell workout.  (each are apprx 20 mins each give or take)

Not enough swings…..I like swings.


Lauren is a fan of descending and ascending number counts for the moves.  For the first two workouts she does a circuit of 2 moves through the ladder and then another circuit of 2 new moves through the ladder.

For the last workout The Kettlebell Body she does just one huge circuit which isn’t a true ladder but she does go up in reps for each round.  She also gives you an option for a bonus round with 8 reps if your ass wasn’t already kicked.

Because this workout is lower reps you can probably use a heavier kettlebell if you really want to be challenged. Some of the movements have an option to use 2 kettlebells but you are shown a modification of if you only have 1 kettlebell at home.

I would give it 4 out of 5 stars.

Fitness Fest

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Back in September I traveled down to Dauphin County/Harrisburg, PA area for Fitness Fest.  It was five hours of nonstop classes.  I’ll tell ya, I had A LOT of fun and it was worth getting the hotel room to attend this jem.  I hope to attend again next year.  I participated in:  Soul Line Dancing, both Zumba classes, RIPPED and Yoga.  I missed the Cardio Dance and Hip Hop because Yoga was in a separate area and took place at the same time as these two classes.  There is also a picture of me doing the yoga (see below).



I am clear in the background participating in this gentle vinyasa flow yoga.