Lauren Brooks The Kettlebell Body Workout DVD Quickie Review


I recently tried The Kettlebell Body workout DVD by Lauren Brooks.  I have followed Lauren on Facebook for many years and she knows kettlebells.  This is the first workout DVD of hers that I have ever tried. The workouts are beginner through advanced with modifications for each. A beginner should definitely use the tutorial chapter of the DVD.


Great all around set up of the DVD – chaptering, etc.

Great tutorial chapter with explanation of moves.

Three separate workouts:  Kettlesculpt, Kettlebutts and The Kettlebell Body.

Lauren used a variety of background women to workout with ranging in age from 20s to late 50s.


One warmup/cooldown that you have to use for the beginning and the end.  This isn’t a deal breaker for me though.  I did yoga after the workout. I just think it needs to be put out there.

The three workouts aren’t long.  I strung them all together for one kick ass kettlebell workout.  (each are apprx 20 mins each give or take)

Not enough swings…..I like swings.


Lauren is a fan of descending and ascending number counts for the moves.  For the first two workouts she does a circuit of 2 moves through the ladder and then another circuit of 2 new moves through the ladder.

For the last workout The Kettlebell Body she does just one huge circuit which isn’t a true ladder but she does go up in reps for each round.  She also gives you an option for a bonus round with 8 reps if your ass wasn’t already kicked.

Because this workout is lower reps you can probably use a heavier kettlebell if you really want to be challenged. Some of the movements have an option to use 2 kettlebells but you are shown a modification of if you only have 1 kettlebell at home.

I would give it 4 out of 5 stars.


One Response to “Lauren Brooks The Kettlebell Body Workout DVD Quickie Review”

  1. Sounds like a great DVD, I love kettle bells! Although I do not use them as much as I should.

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