Cathe Lean Legs & Abs Workout DVD Review


I am sure some of you Catheletes already know that Cathe has just released a multitude of new workout DVDs.  Lean Legs and Abs is the first one I have tried from that group.

This DVD has three segments and a bonus Barre segment  (besides a thorough warm up and stretch as per usual)

Segment One: Compound Legs

This segment is full of compound exercises like Squat Press (which the 2nd time through she adds a bicep curl), Leaning Lunges, Lunges w/ Hammer Curl, Sumo Squat Clean to Press, Side Lunges w/ an Upright Row, Front/Back Lunges w/ jump switch, Backward Lunge w/ Knee Lift and Shoulder Press,

This segment is designed with an emphasis on legs but moves that get your heart rate up. Light weights are utilized.  Cathe uses 8s.  I wouldn’t go too heavy with these moves since they move very fast. You could even go down in weight or not use them if your form is affected when you use the weights. My favorite move: Backward Lunge w/ Ham Curl to Stand Up, My Least Favorite: Diagonal Lunges,

Out of all 3 segments this was my favorite.

Segment Two – Chair and Firewalker Band (strength band)

Holding 8 lb weight standing by chair you lift your leg working your quad.

Using Firewalker Band or other stretch band traveling forward zigzag walk to a lateral skate – THIS BURNS (if you use a strong enough band) (my favorite move of this segment)

Sitting on your knees on a mat leaning backwards and using the strength of the thighs to pull yourself up.

Lying on floor while using the Firewalker band Cathe goes through various leg lifts in different angles to work the outer and front of the thigh.

Segment Three – Core Segment

Starts with situps, different variations of crunches, using 8lb dumbbell in one hand situp to overhead press, leg isolation holds (tougher than it looks), scissors, X-crunches, rowing crunches, half-twists, weighted half-twists, and ending with a bicycle segment.  Cathe has some of the best core segments.  Short but sweet – effective.

On another note, while doing this segment I could feel how much stronger my abs have gotten.  Perhaps from all the yoga I do.

Bonus Segment – Barre

Using a chair pulse squats, plie’ pulse squats, isometric plie’ while pushing knees backward (like a butterfly move).

Next Cathe utilizes each side of the chair doing various leg lifts working both the front and outer thighs and ending with circle lifts.

This Barre segment isn’t really that hard. I have done harder.  I have not tried any of Cathe’s full Barre workouts but I’m sure they are tougher than this one.  It is a good finisher to the other leg segments though.

I think an intermediate would be comfortable doing this workout.  This workout isn’t as brutal as some of Cathe’s other workouts,  As I said, I liked the first segment the best.  I wish it had been longer.  I like getting my heart rate up.  I would give this workout DVD 3 1/2 stars out of 5.  It’s great but it’s not brutal.  I guess I’m a glutton for punishment….hoping to try her Great Glutes workout soon for comparison.

SIDE NOTE: The day after completing this workout my thighs hurt in an area which they usually do not after I do various other glute/leg workouts.  They hurt in the lower part of my inner thigh – I guess that is the area that Cathe even mentions during the barre segment (I think that was the segment she mentions the area that ages “gracefully” – correct me if I’m wrong). I consider this a good thing because I feel like it worked an area of my body that may not get hit in that spot often enough.


4 Responses to “Cathe Lean Legs & Abs Workout DVD Review”

  1. You are super inspiring! I need to build more strength and tone…this looks like a great website to find some good ideas! Amy 🙂

    • Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting. I enjoy reviewing workout DVDs for people. I was a little lax in the summer and didn’t review the DVDs I was completing but I did enjoy my summer. I will do better this winter – stay tuned.

  2. Great review Missy!!!! I need more strength in my life!!!!!

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