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New Year! New Rear!

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I have two copies of Great Glutes.  I bought them the same day.  It’s a long story but I didn’t want to miss out on a great deal and wound up with two of them.  I decided to give away the brand new unwrapped Cathe Great Glutes DVD.

All you have to do is comment to be in the drawing.  This will be an old-fashioned drawing with no bells and whistles.  I will put names into a basket and draw the winner.  There are only two caveats to being the winner:

1.  You have to be willing to give me a mailing address (I’m not a psycho I promise).  Could be PO Box or Work address if you prefer.

2.  You have to be willing to come back here and write a short review of the workout yourself.  Could just be a few words about if it was what you expected, if you liked it or didn’t like it, was it your first Cathe workout, etc.  Doesn’t have to be anything fancy.

You can only enter one time.  You can comment as many times as you like but your name will only go into the drawing one time.  I will pick the winner Christmas Day.

Happy New Rear!

Cathe Great Glutes Workout DVD Review

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Great Glutes is a 55 minute (w/ 6 minute chair segment bonus) lighter weight glute focused workout. The tools needed are a few sets of dumbbells (or one if that’s all you have), gliding discs or a paper plate, exercise ball and the Firewalker (loop stretch band) and chair for the bonus segment.

After a thorough warm up Cathe starts off with a bang:  Compound moves with a non-plyometric cardio move interspersed between more compound moves to get your heart rate up and keep it up.  The first segment is all standing and approximately 17 minutes in length.  As usual Cathe uses tempo changes and pulsing to really burn out your butt on the squats and lunges.  Cathe uses 8 pound dumbbells but this wasn’t heavy enough for me and to make this segment more advanced I had to use heavier weights.  If you like using lighter weights then this workout is for you.

The second segment is another standing portion that uses gliding discs.  If you don’t have gliding discs you can use a paper plate.  This segment is approximately 8 minutes in length.  This portion is a series of lunges with change of tempo, pulsing, etc., utilized once again.  After the first standing portion this was a relief to move on to.

The third segment utilizes the stability ball and your hamstrings will really be worked.  First there are roll-ins with both legs and then after two rounds of that you do roll-ins one leg at a time.  After that you get to squeeze the ball ala Thighmaster flashback and then you feel like a kid at the playground when you throw the ball up to your feet and catch it.

The fourth segment is the floor work without equipment.  There are only two moves:  Hydrants and Pizza Presses.  This may sound simple but in true Cathe style she burns your butt with a ton of reps.  I would estimate over 100 for each move on each leg.  This works the endurance and I really have to fight to get through this.  I think this portion is what was responsible for my DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) the next day.

There is an optional 6 minute ballet style chair bonus to work your calves and hamstrings.  You will need a “firewalker” (loop stretch band) and one weight plus the chair.

A thorough stretch ends the workout.

So as you can see the workout is called Great Glutes but you are also going to work your inner thighs, hamstrings and calves for Great Legs as well.  I mean what good are great glutes if you don’t have some great legs to go with your great butt?

I’m going to be honest here I do like this workout but I prefer the heavyweight “Gym Style” workouts that I reviewed last week to this.  It’s a great workout for people who do not like to use heavy weights or for use on days when you don’t want to lift heavy.  I would give it 4 out of 5 stars.

Stay tuned because in the next few days I will have a post where you can win your own Great Glutes DVD (a brand new still in the plastic wrap DVD.  I’m not giving up my own just yet.). 

Vintage Cathe Workout DVD Reviews

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A few posts back I mentioned my jackpot of great vintage Cathe DVDs (my Coming Soon post).  I have finally completed all of the DVDs and am now in a position to talk about them.  Instead of doing each on a separate post I am just going to say a little bit about each one.  These have been out on the market for a while and a lot of diehard Catheletes probably already have these workouts.

My Favorite:  Lower Body Blast.  Out of all four of my recent purchases this is my favorite.  I think a better title for it would have been Lower Body Burn because that is exactly what is going to happen when you complete this.  There is one segment where Cathe does split squats or a lunge where one leg is raised on the step in the back.  I normally do these with like 20 pounds so when Cathe said she was doing them without weight I thought: What?  After doing it I completely understood.  She does such a high rep count with a combination of tempos and holds that it really does make your butt burn.  The “low ends” are killer.  This workout is a great all around workout for the lower body.  You get strength, cardio bursts and conditioning exercises.  With the bonus conditioning work this is 76 minutes in total length.  Conveniently chaptered and premixed.


Most Bang for your Buck:  Pyramid Lower & Upper Body. This DVD has two separate workouts on it and that makes it a great value.  A 56 minute workout for the upper body and a 49 minute workout for the lower body.  Cathe uses the pyramid format for weights and rep counts and this really does work your muscles to fatigue (if you lift heavy enough).  I had some great DOMS the day after I completed each of these.   This DVD is chaptered to mix and match between the two workouts.  Good workout but horrible background set lol.  OMG what were they thinking.  It’s so cheesy looking.


Most challenging:  Gym Style Legs.  This workout is total isolation/compound exercises with no cardio bursts but anyone who works legs knows that a leg workout can still get the heart rate up.  A variety of tools are used: Band, high step, dumbbells, barbell, and stability ball.  Another workout that works the lower half to fatigue.   One thing I remember in this workout is burning out my calves like never before.  Cathe doesn’t let up in the calf raises off of the step.  Relentless.  67 minutes in length.  Another one with a terrible setting. Thank god the workout ROCKS!

GymStyleLegsMy Least Favorite:  Body Max 2.  Yes Body Max 2 is my least favorite of these gems but that doesn’t mean it is worthless or that it will never get used.  The reason why it is my least favorite is because of the step choreography.  I’m a little clumsy at first but I’m getting better at it.  I’ve even done a couple of other Cathe step workouts but I like more athletic/less dancey when it comes to step.  This workout is versatile.  It has Step Combos – Power Circuits which is step choreography with lower body moves interspersed; Upper body weights, Abs and a bonus cardio segment.  One thing I really did like about this workout and probably when I use it the most for is the option to do  double upper body.  You do two sets of each of the upper body moves with this premix plus the abs and I felt this premix option was golden.  So even though I say it was my least favorite I still find it useful.


There you have it.  Once again stay tuned I have another Cathe review and giveaway coming soon!

Toby Massenburg’s AfterBURN Workout DVD Review

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AfterBurn Toby

If you have been following my blog you have seen my other Toby Massenburg reviews and you may remember that I said to keep an eye on him in the future….well now IS the future and Toby has surely come into his own and developed a following….me included.

I have to admit I was not feeling at my best this morning and did not want to do this workout or any workout for that matter but as usual after I put it in and Toby’s cheerfulness was there motivating me I was able to complete the entire workout.

For the workout you will need a high step (a regular step would also work for some of the moves) and at least two sets of dumbbells.  One heavy and one light.  We’re not talking strength training heavy though you need to be able to move the weight quickly.

This workout is advanced level.

The set up of this workout is 8 Blocks and within each Block there are 3 separate segments of HiiT cardio moves (without weights) 40 seconds of work and 20 seconds of rest for a total of 3 minutes. This is your Burn segment.  Some of these moves utilize your high step or lowered on the floor for lateral hops, fast feet, etc.  There are some plyo moves, mountain climbers, donkey kicks, high knees, etc.

The second segment of each block is 2 minutes of strength moves.  This is your Build block.  Within this block of movements Toby builds on as time passes, i.e., think thruster to tricep extension to alternating back lunge to wood chop.

The third segment of each block is your abs/core segment.  This is done for 60 seconds.This is called the Blast segment.  These movements are plank twists, side hip raise, situp to body block, hundreds, boat pose and supermans.

The abs/core segment’s integration into the main workout is something new for Toby’s workouts.  It was always offered as a bonus segment in previous workouts.  I don’t have a preference but I did like getting it done all at once.

AfterBURN is another winner for Toby.  I didn’t find any problems with it.  I felt that the set up of the Blocks gave this workout a no dread factor.   It’s challenging but if during the movements where things are added on you don’t feel you can add on you can always stay with the first movement.

This workout left me soaked in sweat at the end.

Toby also has a shorter workout DVD that he just released at the same time as AfterBURN.  The name of that workout DVD is Ignite.  I hope to offer that review in the future.

Coming Soon….

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ComingsoonI recently hit the jackpot (or at least I feel like I did) and came in to some great vintage Cathe workout DVDs.  I did have to pay for them but considering that Cathe DVDs tend to hold their value and sell at the same cost of a brand new workout DVD.  I got these at about half that price and I really feel like I got a great deal.   People do not just get rid of Cathe workout DVDs.

The vintage Cathe that I will review in the future:

Lower Body Blast (from 2010)- Have done this so far.  Loved it.  Can’t wait to review it.

Pyramid Lower & Upper Body from the Intensity Series (from 2002) These are two separate workouts and I did them on back to back nights.  Loved getting use out of my barbell.

Body Max 2 (from 2006) a step/circuit with lower body focus/upper body strength and abs workout all in one.  Haven’t tried it yet.  I don’t love step workouts but I’m sure I’ll manage.

Gym Style Legs from the Hardcore Series (from 2005).  Another one that I will get to use my barbell.

Have I ever told you that I love to work my butt?  I guess you can tell from the choices of my purchases.

I’m really hoping to get some serious strength/muscle gains over the winter by working out with these tough workouts in my rotation.

Stay tuned…..