Coming Soon….

ComingsoonI recently hit the jackpot (or at least I feel like I did) and came in to some great vintage Cathe workout DVDs.  I did have to pay for them but considering that Cathe DVDs tend to hold their value and sell at the same cost of a brand new workout DVD.  I got these at about half that price and I really feel like I got a great deal.   People do not just get rid of Cathe workout DVDs.

The vintage Cathe that I will review in the future:

Lower Body Blast (from 2010)- Have done this so far.  Loved it.  Can’t wait to review it.

Pyramid Lower & Upper Body from the Intensity Series (from 2002) These are two separate workouts and I did them on back to back nights.  Loved getting use out of my barbell.

Body Max 2 (from 2006) a step/circuit with lower body focus/upper body strength and abs workout all in one.  Haven’t tried it yet.  I don’t love step workouts but I’m sure I’ll manage.

Gym Style Legs from the Hardcore Series (from 2005).  Another one that I will get to use my barbell.

Have I ever told you that I love to work my butt?  I guess you can tell from the choices of my purchases.

I’m really hoping to get some serious strength/muscle gains over the winter by working out with these tough workouts in my rotation.

Stay tuned…..


3 Responses to “Coming Soon….”

  1. Looking forward to your reviews!

    I have Gym Style Legs (it’s very good, and like most of Cathe’s DVDs, very versatile), Lower Body Blast (ditto) and Body Max 2 (haven’t done this one, but I hear the step segments are easy to follow).

  2. OOOH! Looking forward to your reviews!!!

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