Toby Massenburg’s AfterBURN Workout DVD Review

AfterBurn Toby

If you have been following my blog you have seen my other Toby Massenburg reviews and you may remember that I said to keep an eye on him in the future….well now IS the future and Toby has surely come into his own and developed a following….me included.

I have to admit I was not feeling at my best this morning and did not want to do this workout or any workout for that matter but as usual after I put it in and Toby’s cheerfulness was there motivating me I was able to complete the entire workout.

For the workout you will need a high step (a regular step would also work for some of the moves) and at least two sets of dumbbells.  One heavy and one light.  We’re not talking strength training heavy though you need to be able to move the weight quickly.

This workout is advanced level.

The set up of this workout is 8 Blocks and within each Block there are 3 separate segments of HiiT cardio moves (without weights) 40 seconds of work and 20 seconds of rest for a total of 3 minutes. This is your Burn segment.  Some of these moves utilize your high step or lowered on the floor for lateral hops, fast feet, etc.  There are some plyo moves, mountain climbers, donkey kicks, high knees, etc.

The second segment of each block is 2 minutes of strength moves.  This is your Build block.  Within this block of movements Toby builds on as time passes, i.e., think thruster to tricep extension to alternating back lunge to wood chop.

The third segment of each block is your abs/core segment.  This is done for 60 seconds.This is called the Blast segment.  These movements are plank twists, side hip raise, situp to body block, hundreds, boat pose and supermans.

The abs/core segment’s integration into the main workout is something new for Toby’s workouts.  It was always offered as a bonus segment in previous workouts.  I don’t have a preference but I did like getting it done all at once.

AfterBURN is another winner for Toby.  I didn’t find any problems with it.  I felt that the set up of the Blocks gave this workout a no dread factor.   It’s challenging but if during the movements where things are added on you don’t feel you can add on you can always stay with the first movement.

This workout left me soaked in sweat at the end.

Toby also has a shorter workout DVD that he just released at the same time as AfterBURN.  The name of that workout DVD is Ignite.  I hope to offer that review in the future.

2 Responses to “Toby Massenburg’s AfterBURN Workout DVD Review”

  1. I want to try it!! Thanks for the review!

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