Cathe Flextrain Workout DVD Review


Flextrain is from Cathe Friedrich’s latest collection of releases.  It is a total body toner.  It’s mostly lighter weights BUT for some back rows Cathe uses 25 pounds.   A lot of people are comparing this to Super Cuts from her Xtrain collection but that workout was much milder and I feel that Flextrain is way more superior.   Have you ever heard the saying:  What do you do for cardio?  Answer:  I lift weights faster.  Well, I would put this workout in that category.  This isn’t an aerobic dance workout but rather it utilizes weights and does get your heart rate up.

You need some equipment for this workout:  Loop strength band, multiple sets of weights (ranging from light to heavy), resistance band and gliding discs (or paper plates),

I think Flextrain would be a great workout for someone who is teetering on the intermediate/advanced level and hoping to progress.  This might just get you there.  It is also great for an advanced exerciser for those days when you don’t know quite just what kind of a workout you want to do.  This doesn’t have any “cardio” moves (I mean a lot of jumping around) but the beginning compound moves are going to get your heart rate up.  This includes some squat presses, curtsey lunge presses and sumos with a high pull.    This workout hits your entire body with both multi-muscle and isolated moves and is very efficient.  Cathe labels this a metabolic workout.  I’m not even going to try to define that for you.

I feel that this workout works the upper body a lot more than the lower body and my shoulders were burning.  I didn’t feel like the intensity was over the top during the workout but after the workout I had an endorphin rush and I slept really well that night.

If you want a great workout with low dread factor then Flextrain is for you!


STAY TUNED:  I got some more Cathe swag to review soon.






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