Cathe X10 Workout DVD Review


Cathe X10 is another release from her latest collection of workout DVDs.  If I had to label this something I would call this a ‘sampler.’  If I had a friend who has never done a Cathe workout DVD before and is unfamiliar with her I would definitely recommend this workout DVD to them.  This has a little bit of this and a little bit of that.  There are 5 separate workouts in total.  In original form each workout is roughly 30 minutes in length but Cathe has this well premixed and you can group these together for a 40 minute workout or do all of them together and have a 77 minute kick@$$ workout.

You will need some tools for some segments of this workout DVD.  A few sets of dumbbells, i.e., 5s 8s and 10s possibly just a little higher as these are fast paced strength portions.  A step and gliding discs (or paper plates) are also utilized.  The warm up and cool down are the same no matter how you group your workouts.

Workout One:  Step workout in the beginning and ending with strength.  This step program isn’t as complicated as some of Cathe’s step workouts so don’t be intimated by it.   It ends with strength.  The strength is compound movements and will keep your heart rate up.   It utilizes the step in the strength as well.

Workout Two:  Low impact.  No jumping in this one.  You are encouraged to keep your heels on the floor.  Anyone who has done Cathe low impact knows that low impact does not mean low intensity.  Again this ends with a strength segment of compound movements.  The discs are utilized in the strength portion of this workout.

Workout Three:  Hi/Lo.  Hi impact movements followed by lower intensity movement and finished with strength compound moves.

Workout Four:  All cardio blast.  Nonstop cardio drills. No weights needed for this segment.  I really liked this segment.  I thought the drills were fun.

Workout Five:  Aero/tone intervals.  Cardio drills/bodyweight/strength moves.  These are not separate portions.  Cathe labels this segment metabolic because you are maintaining your heart rate throughout the strength portions.  This segment has a dual bicep curl to overhead press with 32 reps.  Talk about bite!

My favorite move in the entire DVD is the side lunge raise to a tree pose overhead lift.  You have to see it to believe it!  It is in workout five.

The entire workout is fast paced and when Cathe says put the weights down for a break you get about a second and you pick them back up again so don’t think you are getting a rest because they are few and far between in this workout.

There is only one thing I wish Cathe would have done.  I wish that there was a premix for all of the cardio portions together and one for all of the strength portions together.  Maybe it wasn’t possible to do that but it would have added another benefit to the workout groupings.

I would rate this workout 5 out of 5 stars.

Fabulous workout!



3 Responses to “Cathe X10 Workout DVD Review”

  1. This looks like another great workout from Cathe!

  2. Yes, I absolutely agree with your assessment of this X10. I love it, and love your suggestion of grouping all cardio/strength. That would have been an added bonus. I did the 77 minute one, and it definitely wore me out, and I have been a Cathlete for quite a while now. Definitely one to keep in the rotation.

  3. A sample type workout does sound good for folks who are not familiar with Cathe’s workouts.

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