Toby Massenburg’s Ignite Workout DVD Review


Ignite is another advanced level workout DVD that Toby released recently at the same time as AfterBurn.  My review of AfterBurn is a few posts back.  I liked AfterBurn but I LOVE Ignite.

Ignite is a 30 minute workout that is pure plyometric drills.  You will not need weights for this workout but you will need a step.  Toby uses a high step but I used my regular aerobic step for some of the drills and for the other step drills I used my Roughneck step stool that I substitute as a “high” step (I don’t recommend this to others as it is not really made for this and someday I’m probably going to sprain an ankle).   Not all drills are done on the step and I’m sure you could modify a drill and do it on the floor if you had to.

There are 21 drills in this workout.  Each drill is 30 seconds and you get 30 seconds rest before the next drill.  Other than repeating something on the other side (because you have two legs) there is no repetition in this workout and that is what I love.  Some of the drills may be similar to others but these drills are all different.  Don’t tell Toby this but if there is one drill that you absolutely hate you can always throw something in that you like (for instance I love lateral skater hops and since they aren’t in this workout I can always substitute a drill I do not like with this move).

This workout goes by fast.  It flew by for me and had me looking around at my clock like, “that’s it?”

I feel kind of guilty liking this one more than AfterBurn because of the length but I just do.  I can use this workout after a lifting session and get it all done in one day.

Five out of Five stars for Toby!


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