Best of 2013 ….and the winner is…..



I discovered in the spring.  I meant to blog about it then but kept putting it off.  The site is great.  The variety of workouts is great.  There are workouts for all levels.  It is really a one stop shop AND the best thing about it is:  It’s free!  With all that it has to offer you really cannot find an excuse not to workout.

When I sat down to pick my Best of 2013 post I just couldn’t come up with a DVD I reviewed that really knocked me out as “the best of.”  There were great workouts for sure but a lot of it was the same old, same old, i.e., different moves but the same format.    The ones that did strike me as different just weren’t something that would appeal to the masses (Michelle Dozios’ BodyFit 360 – great advanced level barefoot fusion workout but I don’t think a lot of men would want to workout to that). workouts include:  Kickboxing; barre; kettlebell; cardio; hiit; low impact; pilates; yoga inspired; warm ups/cool down/stretch; lower body; upper body; weights including high reps and lower reps; 1000 calorie; bodyweight and they just included sandbag workouts.   You can find workouts for the beginner through advanced level (one of the kettlebell workouts kicked my butt!).

Kelli and Daniel (the creators of and the trainers) are great to workout with and very knowledgeable about fitness.  They also happen to be husband and wife.   In addition to the workouts, there are different programs available for purchase on the site (these cost a small fee).

Please peruse this little gem.  You just might find something that you like!

Please find them on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.  I would like to link to that but I’m not that inept on my blog.  Facebook Page:    Twitter:  @FitnessBlender

One Response to “Best of 2013 ….and the winner is…..”

  1. I forgot about Fitness Blender. Thanks for the reminder. I love that I can play my own music or watch TV during these since they have no sound track. I love the variety of workouts too. Lastly, I LOVE that it is FREE!

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