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New Year! New Rear! Cathe Great Glutes DVD Winner Review

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You may remember that last year I had my New Year!  New Rear! drawing for Cathe’s Great Glutes DVD.  The winner was Jonelle “FitGirl” Boyd.    She also runs a blog at:  Please check out her blog.    When I did my drawing I asked that the winner come back here and give me their thoughts on the DVD.  The following is Jonelle “FitGirl’s” review:

From Jonelle “FitGirl” Boyd:

If you’re already a Cathe Friedrich fan, you know that Cathe NEVER disappoints! And this DVD was no exception!

First let me say, I am somewhat of a newbie to Cathe’s workouts. Being the workout dvd queen that I am (I probably have almost any workout DVD that you can think of), of course I had heard of her, Cathe is well known in the fitness community and has TONS of workout DVDs to her credit! I even had a couple of her DVDs (“High Reps” and “Gym Style – Back, Shoulders & Biceps”), but it wasn’t until I bought her Low Impact Series workouts that I really became a fan. I had been doing the Low Impact workouts for a couple of months when I entered Missy’s giveaway and won the “Great Glutes” DVD.

I have to admit, while I was excited about receiving the DVD and getting another Cathe workout to add to my collection, I honestly didn’t think that this was going to be much more than just a whole bunch of squats and lunges. I didn’t expect it to be the whole body workout that it is! Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of squats and lunges, but Cathe uses exercise moves using gliding discs, an exercise ball, dumbbells, loops, and a chair to not only work your glutes and legs, but your arms, shoulders, and core too! It’s an awesome strength workout but it surprised me by giving me a little cardio action, too! My heart was pumping, sweat was forming, and I was definitely feeling the burn! I’ve been doing this workout for a couple of weeks now and every time I finish it, I feel great! A little sore? MOST DEFINITELY! Lol! But that just gives me even more proof that I’ve completed one body changing workout!

Cathe is hardcore, and this is a pretty long workout, around 55 minutes long, so I would definitely rate this at an intermediate to advanced level. But even if you are a beginner, this workout could still be done with some adjustments. Cathe provides some slightly shorter premix workouts and you can always cut back on the amount of reps you choose to do, taking breaks in between exercise segments.

In conclusion, would I recommend this workout? DEFINITELY! It’s a full body workout that while its primary focus is glutes, will work every part of your body and I have no doubt that if done consistently will give you a GREAT BODY!

There you have it from Jonelle “FitGirl” Boyd.  Again, please check out her blog at

Thanks to Jonelle for the great review on my blog.

Patrick Goudeau Presents Kickbox Burn Workout DVD Review

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You know you’ve made it when you begin to present fitness DVDs instead of leading them.  Patrick Goudeau isn’t in the forefront of this workout as it is led by newcomer, Heather Corndorf.  While Patrick isn’t the one leading it he does have a huge presence in the video.

This workout starts with Patrick leading the 6 minute warmup.  Patrick then hands over the reins to Heather to lead us in four rounds of kickboxing drills for 40 minutes of high energy kickboxing.    There is a 5 minute cool down to complete this segment of the workout.

The rounds are intense and challenging but not so complex that you can’t “get into them” and give it your all.    The rounds are layered and Heather builds on them as you go along.  You can tell that Heather has led many kickboxing workouts because she is precise and really knows her stuff.  I think you could be fooled that this is her first workout DVD.   This workout will make you feel like a bad-ass.

After the kickboxing portion of this workout, Patrick leads us through 11 minutes of challenging ab work.

I really enjoyed this workout and Heather as the leader. I hope to see more from her in the future.

I would give this 4 out of 5 stars.  This is definitely going to be in my rotation.   Thank you Patrick for presenting Heather to us.

Amy Dixon’s Raise Some Bell Workout DVD Review

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When I saw that Amy Dixon was releasing a new kettlebell workout video I was very excited.  I love Amy and I love kettlebells.  When the first couple of reviews came in I saw nothing but love for this workout.  Then some of the bad reviews started rolling in.  I’ve been working out with kettlebells for about 5 years now and have come to find that just like wine and books there too are kettlebell snobs and some people aren’t going to like any kettlebell workout unless it is traditional kettlebell work.  This workout contains some traditional elements but Amy also steps outside of the box on this one.

KETTLEBELL 101:  Amy gives a brief tuturial and explains and demonstrates some of the moves that will be in the workout.  Please play this before starting the workout.

The RAISE SOME BELL Workout:  This workout is 40 minutes.  It has a warm up and a cool down.  A few minutes into the warm up when Amy said: grab your kettlebell I was worried.  I thought, “Amy, but I’m not warmed up yet!”  Thankfully she grabbed the kettlebell and continued warming up with it.  I felt better about the warm up after that.   The cool down contains some great stretches but I felt that maybe it should have been a minute or two longer.

A few things:  If you don’t have any kettlebell experience this one is not for you EVEN if you are an advanced exerciser.  Please don’t start working out with kettlebells with Raise Some Bell.  Please get a beginner kettlebell DVD and learn proper form first.  A few are:   Sara Lurie of Iron Core fame (she was one of my first) or get another one that has a really good tutorial.  Paul Katami’s tutorials are very thorough as are Lauren Brooks’.  Amy’s  Kettlebell 101 is short.  She does demonstrate a few moves but she misses explaining the hip hinge for the swing (this is very beginner) and arcing the bell on the snatch. You know these things after you’ve worked out for a while with them but I just want people to learn proper beginner form first!

I went lighter than normal on this one.  I usually swing 25 up to 35 pounds.  I used 15 lbs on Raise Some Bell.  Amy moves very quickly.  You may even have to go lighter than this your first time through or move at a slower pace than Amy does.  In fact I recommend it until you get the feel of this workout.

There is a move in this workout that is a little scary.  It is called the Rainbow.  I’ve done similar unconventional swing work in other workout videos where you swing the kettlebell in a nontraditional way but this was the first Rainbow swing for me.  Definitely DO NOT go heavy on the Rainbow move or you may hurt your rotator cuff or tear a muscle in your lower back.    Also, you need high ceilings to do this move because you are swinging it over your head and turning front to back.  Amy mentions that you can do this without the bell if you are not comfortable with this move.

This workout has a modifier (girl to the left).  Please follow her if you are unsure that you can complete a movement with proper form.

Please note that I’m not saying this workout is bad because I really liked it.  I am just keeping it real and trying to keep my followers safe. 

CORE segment:  There is a short core segment in this workout.  It is about 7 minutes long.  Amy starts with some standing moves: curtsey chops to standing Russian twists and chops to combining the twists and the chops.  This segment ends of the floor with a modified Turkish get up.  It’s a nice short core segment.

I would give this workout 3 and a half out of five stars.     I love Amy.  I love her energy and I love what she brings to fitness.