Patrick Goudeau Body Weight Blast Workout DVD Review

BodyWeightBlastPGTwo posts back was my review of Kickbox Burn presented by Patrick Goudeau but lead by Heather Corndorf.  Today’s workout is actually lead by Patrick himself and I forgot how much I love it when Patrick is in the lead of the workouts.  If anyone has “it,” Patrick does.

Some things Patrick advises in his introduction:  View before doing it to note modifications.  He also mentions to use heavy weights.  I think I heard Patrick say they are using 15s.  I used 10s because this was the first time I was completing it and I did not view it before trying it out so I wanted to make sure I could do the workout properly first.  I could definitely go up in weight the next time I did it.   You will also need a mat for this workout.

Body weight blast has 8 Segments.  Each segment is 6 minutes in length.  Each 6 minute segment is broken into:  3 minutes of body weight work.   2 minutes of weights and  1 minute of an all out cardio blast.  There are no rest periods between any segment but between segments when the disc switches to the next segment there is enough time to grab a sip of water.

I have listed the 8 segments below with highlights of what is in each segment.  On this DVD there is an option to build your own workout so if you didn’t want to do all 8 segments you could choose the ones that you did want to do.

Segment 1.  Legs – Butt – Triceps.  Probably one of the most challenging segments for me with the swing through move (an on the floor move where you swing a leg through to the front) and the up/down on the knees to a squat move (I think they call these a grappler move or something).  I have a large butt and some body weight moves are more challenging for me than for others with tiny hineys.

Segment 2.  Back – Core – Biceps.  Body weight: Side plank with a reach.   Weights:  Squats, Rows and Curls.  Cardio:  High Knees

Segment 3. Hamstrings – Butt – Back  – Balance  (a segment I liked) Body weight:  Tap backs to body weight dead lift.  Warrior T balance to knee lift balance.  Weights:  Suitcase dead lifts.  Lunges.   Cardio:  Butt Kickers and Can-Can Kicks (on the floor move).

Segment 4. Pushups – Back – Balance –  Body weight:  A sequence of pushup to tricep pushup, pushup to pike.  Spiderman plank.  Weights:  Row to twist.  Curl to press on knees.  Cardio: Mountain climbers/lateral mountain climbers.

Segment 5. Lunges – Rotation – Obliques (my absolute FAVORITE segment) Body weight:  Lunges around the clock to reverse lunges. Then repeat the series with a rotation.   Weights: Lunges (then with a sequence pace – meaning Patrick adds on)  Cardio: Shuffles to shuffle lunges.

Segment 6. Kicks – Crawls – Pushups –  Planks  The body weight portion was a bit challenging with Step tap kicks to a pushup but then it gets better with bear crawls and a plank moving your hands around the clock.  Weights: I thought this portion was fun.  Squat press to oblique reach (almost like a windmill) and high pulls.  Cardio:  Taps:  Tap dumbbell w/ toes.  Sort of like when people do taps using a step.

Segment 7.  Courtesy Lunge – Side Kicks  – Arms:  A lot of balance and stability but I liked it – Body Weight:  Arm cross to squats w/ the arm crosses  (keeping your arms up for a period of time can really wear them out). Courtesy lunge to kick (balance challenge) to kicks only. Weights:  Side lunges – Courtesy Taps to pulsing curls. Cardio:  Skater hops which are my favorite move.  Patrick was advising that  the skaters don’t count if you don’t touch the floor.  Well I touched the floor alright. I slipped on my area rug and fell and almost went face first into my weights lying on the floor.

Segment 8.  Animal Jumps – (Rainbow Jumps) – Man Makers.  This segment starts out with some jack reaches (sort of like a jack with a cross punch).  Rainbow lunge jumps (a jumping lunge to the side).  A walk forward and back touching the floor leads into animal jumps (lateral jumps with hands on floor).  Weights:   Manmakers:  Builds on this.  Squats to burpee to 2 pushups to rows to curl press – and Patrick builds on this until you do the total Manmaker movement.  Manmakers are something most bodybuilders would be familiar with.   Cardio:  Lateral squat hops to switch lunge jumps to tuck jumps.

A thorough cool down/stretch ends this workout.

Okay.  I know that is a lot to digest BUT it really made the time go by quickly.

As far as the format of this workout, it feels very familiar.  Some of Patrick’s other workout DVDs are similar in format.  This workout isn’t as intense as Patrick’s cardio based workouts but I don’t think that is the intention of this workout.  The title is Body Weight Blast after all.  What really makes this workout special is Patrick.  He is a master at sequence and choreography plus his energy and way of making things seem so effortless are what makes him at the top of his game.

4 1/2 out of 5 stars.


2 Responses to “Patrick Goudeau Body Weight Blast Workout DVD Review”

  1. Looks awesome, although the title is somewhat deceiving, I think it sounds like you don’t use weights. Thanks for the review.

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