Happy 3rd Anniversary Mistransformation!

Well, here we are at the third anniversary of my blog.   What began as a challenge that was supposed to last for only a few months has become a full time hobby for me.

I have to be honest.  I almost didn’t remember to post for my anniversary.  I knew it was coming up but I thought it was in the beginning of March.  Last night I decided to check to see when the specific date was and was shocked to find out that the anniversary date was actually at the end of February.  I was hoping to be a bit more prepared.

Over the past three years I have gained a handful of followers and I thank those that have been dedicated to reading my posts and promoting them to others (Fitness Blogger Buddies).

Most of the interest in my blog comes from searches through the internet.  I am able to view that in my dashboard statistics.  A lot of people are interested in reading about a certain workout DVD or trainer and search them on the internet and it leads them to my blog.  One of the most popular reads on my blog are my reviews of The Butt Bible (Pauline Nordin).  Even though I wrote about those back in 2011, they are still a popular search/read.

In my Mistransformation blog I hope to give no frills reviews to workout DVDs.  While I am pretty easy to please, I don’t try to sugar coat my reviews just because they are popular.  If there is a blaring problem I do try to point that out.

Thank you again for reading my blog and here’s to working on a 4th anniversary.


3 Responses to “Happy 3rd Anniversary Mistransformation!”

  1. HAPPY Blogiversary!!! We started around the same time, mine just passed!!!

  2. Happy blogiversary Missy! I’m almost afraid to admit how long I’ve been blogging for 🙂

  3. Thanks Ladies and thanks for your support.

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