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DailyBurn Live To Fail Workout Plan with Ben Booker Phase One – Strength

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On October 13th I started the latest DailyBurn training program Live to Fail.  I had let my membership lapse after doing the Inferno HR and classic Inferno programs. The day I saw this new program I rejoined.  I have just started my 4th week of Live to Fail.  For anyone interested, DailyBurn Memberships start at $10 a month and new members get their first 30 days free.

The program is set up in two phases.  I am only going to brief you on Phase One for this blog entry since I haven’t entered Phase Two yet.  I will do an additional review after I am into Phase Two for a couple of weeks.

Phase One is the strength phase (what I am currently in) and Phase two is the superset phase.  This program is a lifting program.  Think P90x but with more rounds per movement and shorter workout times.  LTF is a 90 day program.

Phase One has 8 different workouts but for the first four weeks you only do 6 of those and then two replacement workouts are added in in week 5.

The Phase One workouts are:  Chest and Back; Armforge 1; LB (lower body) Metcon 7 (fat burn); Shoulders and Shield (abs); Pillars of Strength (legs); and UB (upper body) Metcon 7 (fat burn).  During week 5 LB Metcon 14 and UB Metcon 14 are replacements for the other Metcon workouts.  The length of the Metcon workouts grows after week 4.

Each strength based workout is structured with 4/5 movements per workout and 4 working rounds per movement.  Ben classifies each round as 1. The Wakeup Round; 2. The Pace Round; 3. The Battle Round and 4. The Killer Round.  10 to 12 reps per movement and if you are doing it right by the time you get to the 4th round you may not be able to do 10 to 12 reps.   If that wasn’t enough each strength workout also includes a challenge round where a movement is performed for 60 seconds total.  You keep track of your completed reps.

For these workouts at least 2 sets of weights are needed.  You will need a heavy set of dumbbells and a lighter set.  There is a strength test video to show you how to determine what weight you need.  While Ben stresses that you only need 2 sets, I prefer to use a variety of weight increments customized to my particular needs.  I feel that I get a better workout this way.  You will also need a box for box jumps.

At the start of week 4 I know that I have gotten stronger because I have been able to increase my weight with some of the movements.  I am definitely seeing some muscle growth.

What may be hard for people to adapt to is that there is very little cardio offered.  The Metcon workouts and the leg workout really gets my heartrate up but for cardio bunnies I think that this would definitely be a step outside of their box not to have a lot of cardio offered in a program.

The Metcon workouts are structured with 3 moves.  30 seconds of work followed by 30 seconds of rest with each movement repeated one time.  Like the challenge round the Metcon workouts also include a finisher which is a movement performed for 60 seconds and you keep track of your reps.   In the first 4 weeks the Metcon workouts are only 18 minutes long.

So far I am enjoying the program.  The workouts are basic but not easy.  Four rounds of a movement really taxes your muscles and for the most part I feel sore the day following my workouts.

Ben is a great trainer.  He is a big goofball and not intimidating at all.  He jokes around with the crew.  He’s inspiring but never overbearing.  He is also not bad to look at at all.

I am looking forward to Phase Two of Live to Fail.  Stay tuned.