Cathe RIPPED w/ HiiT: LIFT IT HIT IT Legs Workout DVD Review

CatheLIHILegsWhile this is only my second review from Cathe’s new Ripped w/ HiiT series, Lift It Hit It Legs was the fourth I have completed from the series.  Out of all four this is my favorite (I will review the others in the future).

Lift It Hit It Legs is based on a technique called contrast training. With this type of training you will do a strength based movement and then a corresponding plyometric movement (blasts) that works the same part of your legs, i.e., if you do a plie’ squat the corresponding plyometric movement is a plie’ jack.  Cathe says this is supposed to kickstart muscle growth by shocking your muscles.  Shock it does.

This workout is roughly only 40 minutes in length (without the bonus abs) but it is brutal!  Anyone who works legs weighted without adding in any plyometric movements knows that your heart rate goes up to cardio levels.  Add in the plyometric movements and this is a nonstop cardio fest.

Cathe uses heavy weights for this series not limited to dumbbells (both) 25#, 20#, 15#  plus singles of 40#, 35#, 12# and a 10#.  Cathe will tell you what weight she uses for each movement.  One of the Plyo moves is weighted (explosive side lunge).

The movement lineup:


Squats/Squat Digs

Plie’ Squats/Plie’ Jacks

Static Lunge/Split Jump – Right

Static Lunge/Split Jump – Left

Squats (using heavier weights)/Pop Squats

Plie’ Squats/Narrow Plie’ Touchdown Jacks

Wood Chop Side Lunges (L/R)/Explosive Side Lunges w/ 12# weight

Crossback Lunges (L/R) – Lateral Skates

Low Pulse Lunges/Power Circle Scissor Jumps

Dead Lift (regular stance)/Snow Angle Jacks

Dead Lift (wide stance)/Frog Jumps with a Quarter Turn

Walking Lunges/Scissor Scissor Wide Tuck Jumps

Nice thorough cool down and relaxing stretch to end it.

This workout contains the same Bonus Abs 1 and 2 as the Low Impact workout DVD (the other 2 I did also had them). 

Cathe gives some great premixes to satisfy even her most finicky fans:

All Strength

All Blast

Scrambler 1 or 2

Strength + Blasts (3 rounds 4 Strength moves/4 Blast moves)

Strength + Blast + Abs – this is sequences as usual with an ab move from the bonus abs thrown in after all plyo movements so you would have a strength move, a plyo move and an ab move.

Lower Body plus Bonus Abs 1 – (same as regular mix but followed by the bonus abs 1)

Lower Body plus Bonus Abs 2 – (same as regular mix but followed by the bonus abs 2)

I must say I really felt invigorated after this workout. Not only was I sweating profusely but I felt like my body heated up from the inside out. It was tough but it was a good kind of tough.

This is the Cathe we all know and love.  I give this workout a solid 5 out of 5!

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