Happy 4 Year Anniversary MisTransformation!

My MisTransformation blog turns 4 years old today.  It was born out of a Strong is the New Skinny challenge that was supposed to last about three or four months (from the end of winter until the end of spring).  That group is now pretty much defunct and here I am still plugging along 4 years later. (I haven’t seen a Facebook post from them since July 2014.)

I know I am not as active with the reviews as I used to be.  I do continue to do new workouts but I don’t blog about each one I complete if I can’t devote enough quality time to the post.  There are workout DVDs I have done such as workouts from PiYo and a few more of the Cathe Ripped with HiiT series but I didn’t blog about them because I would have just given a crappy post.   (NOT that the workouts were crappy because they aren’t but rather that my review post would have been half-arsed.)

A few things I do hope to have the opportunity to review in the coming months are workouts from the 21 Day Fix Extreme program and also the Double Down workout with Amy Dixon and Paul Katami.

I thank each and every one of my followers and visitors for taking time out of your day to view a piece of who I am. I am truly humbled to think that people from all over the world have viewed my blog.  It’s been a great FOUR YEARS!   Here’s to the future!


One Response to “Happy 4 Year Anniversary MisTransformation!”

  1. Amazing. How the time flies. Didn’t we first meet on My Space? Goodness I feel old. LOL!

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