The Master’s Hammer & Chisel – Max Hammer Strength w/ Sagi Kalev Workout Review


“I’m a hammer and I’m going to kick it!”  – Sagi Kalev

It felt like an early Christmas present when I logged into my Beachbody OnDemand account to see what the Challenge de Jour workout would be and saw that it was another workout from The Master’s Hammer & Chisel program that was just released in the beginning of December.  I have done 3 previous reviews from this latest Beachbody offering and you may find them right here on this blog by going to the home page.

The workout description from the website:  Pre-fatigue major muscle groups and follow it up with a maximum weighted lift to carve incredible definition and get you strong.  (from Beachbody OnDemand) 

Equipment needed:  Bench Or Stability Ball, variety of heavy dumbbells, Resistance Band and Chin-Up Bar Or Bands With Door Attachment Kit.

This workout is almost 40 minutes in length and includes your warm-up and cool-down.   Modifications are provided.

The setup of this workout is this.  One body-weight movement is done for 60 seconds and then you do a similar weighted move that targets the same muscle group for 8 reps.  You are supposed to go very heavy for the weighted move because the reps are lower. If a move is done where both left side and right side are needed you will do the complete set on each side first and then switch to the other side and do the complete set (remember you are fatiguing the muscle).

The moves are as follows:   (body-weight – 60 secs/weighted – 8 reps)

Reverse Lunge/Weighted Reverse Lunge (left then right)

Push-ups/Chest Press (on ball or bench or floor even)

Body-weight squats/shoulder squats (dumbbells on shoulders)

Pull-up/Lat pullover (one dumbbell)

Good mornings/dead-lifts 

Chin-ups/1 arm row (Right/Left)

Low sumo squat/weighted sumo (1 dumbbell)

Band military press/seated military press 

Bulgarian split squat/single leg step up  (Right then Left after completing both moves)

Ledge calf raises on edge of bench or step/seated calf raise (with dumbbells on thighs)

I loved this workout and combining the 60 seconds of body-weight work moving into the heavy weighted reps!  I loved that I could go super heavy because the reps were lower and you were only doing one set with the dumbbells even though you were fatiguing them first.

Again, I feel like the cool downs could be a bit longer but I just stretch a bit more at the end on my own.

Sagi is funny and offers his usual strong motivation and great sense of humor.  In addition, he gives form pointers and technique suggestions.





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