The Master’s Hammer & Chisel – Hammer Power w/ Sagi Kalev Workout Review


I was really excited to see yet another offering from The Master’s Hammer & Chisel on Beachbody OnDemand Challenge de Jour (#BOD #CDJ) and I was even more excited that it was a powerlifting-inspired workout.

The description from Beachbody OnDemand:  Become more explosive with ruthless powerlifting-inspired moves to take your body to its peak level of fitness.

What you will need:  Various weights (light, medium and heavy), resistance band or towel (for the warm up).

Round one is a combination of various movements that will prepare you for the more powerlifting-like moves at the end of round one and in round two.  Each move is done with light weights for 10 reps and then with medium weights for 10 reps.  For some of the latter movements in round one Sagi builds from the light weights to the medium weights showing a foundation movement and then adding the power move.

Overhead Press


Thrusters (squat/press in one movement)

Jerk press

Dead lift

Shrugs w/ light weights/Shrug w/ extension w/ medium weights

Upright row w/ light weights/full movement with medium weights (deadlift to upright row)

Clean with light weights/full movement w/ medium (deadlift to clean)

In round two Sagi’s format changes and more of the powerlifting type moves are used.  Once again he lays the foundation with the light weights so you get the technique down completing 10 reps but  then he ups the ante using heavy weights for 5 reps.

Clean to press

Clean squat press

Clean squat split jerk (5 reps each leg w/ the light weights/5 w/ dominant leg w/ the heavy weights)

One arm clean squat jerk (10 reps each side light/5 reps each side heavy)

****One thing I am concerned about for people who are not familiar with these movements is when completing any of the moves that use a squat to split jerk.  Sagi will clearly say to pause before jerking after you come up from the squat but some of the display people do not do this and it may become confusing.  The display people seem to be completing it all in one movement. For experienced folks the pause may not be necessary but I do worry about someone hurting themselves if they do not pause and try to do the move all at once.  Please keep this in mind so you don’t hurt your back.

I was pretty familiar with a lot of these moves from previous workouts I have done including kettlebell workouts and Kelley Coffey-Meyer’s L.I.F.T. workout (w/ a barbell).  This type of workout always makes me feel empowered more so than any other type of lifting workout.

I would love to give this workout 5 stars but because of my concern that someone unfamiliar with this type of workout may have some form issues, I will give this workout 4 1/2 stars.






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