5 Year Bloggerversary and Giveaway Celebration!



It’s hard to believe that today MisTransformation celebrates its 5th Anniversary!  This blog was only supposed to last a few months during a challenge that the Strong is the New Skinny movement started.  Well they aren’t around much anymore but MisTransformation lives on.  I am very proud of my little blog.

To celebrate this milestone, I am going to send one lucky person a DVD that I have carefully selected.  I have chosen Ashley Turner’s Yoga for Stress and Flexibility.  This is one of my own personal favorites and Ashley Turner is a phenomenal yoga leader. I’ve attended webinars of Ashley’s and also done yoga and meditation with her on DVDs and a few of my yoga internet subscriptions.  There are two separate programs on the DVD.  One is for stress relief (we can all use that right?) and the other is for flexibility.  Both are great programs but I have to admit that I use the stress relief one a tad bit more than the flexibility program only because I’m a super stressed person.

So if you would like to be entered to receive the DVD (pictured below), please leave a comment below about how you found my blog and I’ll pick a winner on March 6th.


2 Responses to “5 Year Bloggerversary and Giveaway Celebration!”

  1. I have no idea how I found your blog but I’m glad I did. I think I’ve been following for at least a year. Congrats on your 5 year bloggerversary!

    • Chrissy C. You are the recipient of the yoga DVD! Congrats and thanks for commenting on my post and following my blog. Please get in contact w/ me so I can send it to you. If you leave a reply here w/ your email address or contact info I am the only one who sees it because I have to approve the comments. If you dont feel comfortable w/ that – hit me up on my Twitter. You can find my direct Twitter acct on the home page to the right of the screen. You can direct message on Twitter (if you have a twitter acct).

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