Injured but making the most of it

I have been suffering with my latest bout of Plantar Fasciitis since before I visited Kripalu Yoga and Health Center back in April. As you know from my previous post, I did two moderate hikes during my stay at that facility.  I continued to do some pretty major  hikes after that and didn’t listen to my foot when it was telling me it had had enough.  I maintained pretty much the same activity that I always had and in fact I was doing a lot more all while my foot was screaming at me in agony.  Over the Fourth of July holiday, it finally said it had enough and I could barely walk at all without my foot feeling like it was ripping apart.  It was probably one of the most miserable 4ths that I’ve ever had (except that I visited my family).

I’ve been suffering to some degree of PF since I was a teenager so I’ve been treating it on my own and even though in the past it always went away with minimal attention, this time I have done just about everything under the sun for it.  I have to say that the night boot, icing, alternate temperature footbaths and taping have been my saving grace.

As of today, I am ambulatory but still unable to go for even a minor hike (I know, I tried a baby path last weekend to no avail).  I feel like I’m missing out on the best weeks of hiking so  I did a couple of kayak trips instead. It keeps me off of my feet, but still lets me enjoy the outdoors.  I have to say that I have really enjoyed kayaking.

Here are a few pictures of hikes I have done and also from the kayak trips. If you click on them, it gives a title of where the picture was taken.  One of the most interesting is from Hawk Rock, Cove Mountain, Duncannon, PA because it is on the Appalachian Trail and any East Coast hiker would be intrigued to follow in the footsteps of the thru-hikers of the AT.

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