About Missy


I made the decision to begin my weight loss journey after I became “sick and tired of being sick and tired” of feeling bad about my weight. My energy level was low and I wanted to have a healthier, happier lifestyle. There were a lot of personal struggles in my every day life because I was overweight. I hated having my picture taken, finding the right guy to date was like finding a needle in a haystack, and I just felt older than my years. Refusing to continue in my old ways, I started working out at the local YMCA and started to see the pounds dropping.

I have since lost over 60 pounds and have built a lot of muscle and pretty much changed my body composition. While working out I felt my body changing, I had more energy and soon was able to buy clothes that I wanted to wear—not just what fit or was comfortable for my size. Seeing these results motivated me to keep working hard to continue to my body transformation success. I lost over 4 clothing sizes and have given over a dozen huge garbage bags full of clothes to charity.

My initial fitness goals have come and gone long ago but I still continue to strive to the be the best I can be. I am constantly trying new challenges and pushing myself harder to reach new fitness. Greatest challenge/struggle: Breaking plateaus. What has been most positive about my weight loss journey: Being told by others that I have inspired and motivated them to begin their own journey into a healthier lifestyle. Top tips for readers and favorite exercises: Variety, variety, variety. Don’t let yourself get bored with your workouts. Step outside of the box, push yourself and try something new and fun. I did this by adding dance into my fitness routine.

Strong is the New Skinny

3 Responses to “About Missy”

  1. This blog was created from the Strong is the New Skinny blog challenge.

  2. Congrats on your fitness journey and loosing so much weight. You go girl! Nothing better than self examination and self determination. Love the post on Annie – I never heard of her workouts. Bey familiar with Cathe Frederick’s. Keep on encouraging others with what you do. I believe sooner or later there will be many more people that get “sick and tired” and they too will be inspired to make the change in their lives as well.

  3. Love your blog and reviews. Just curious what workout did you do after delta fit speed shred. I am going to start phase 3 next week but have not yet included the additional dvds. Would love to hear what you did. Email me at inshape64@hotmail.com Thanks

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