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ICE: Metabolic Total Body w/ Cathe Friedrich Workout DVD Review

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Cathe’s latest workout series is ICE.  This stands for Intermediate Conditioning Extreme.  This series is targeted towards the intermediate level exerciser but from what I’ve seen of it, I think that someone at an advanced level would be satisfied as well.

My first review from the series is with the Metabolic Total Body workout. As with most other Cathe workouts you get a lot of bang for your buck.  You get a thorough warm up and cool down, the “regular” workout and a few bonuses as well.  Cathe also gives us many premix choices and even mishmosh mixes.

The Regular Workout  – definitely have a few sets of dumbbells here.  Cathe uses everything from 5s to 15s.  I tried to be a hero the first time out and go heavy but Cathe does high repetitions and moves quickly so I suggest trying the weight level she uses until you find what works for you (maybe you go lighter or maybe you go heavier).  Cathe does mostly compound moves and your heart rate will go up without jumping.

Warm Up – 6:36
Workout – 36:58
Cool Down – 4:19
Total – 47:53

The moves:

Crossback Lunge with Overhead Press

Squat Press

Plie Squat/Upright Row

Front Lunge/Back Row/Fly

Front Swing with Abduction

Lunge Curl and Press

Front Swing with Abduction

Deadlift to Squat

Single Leg Deadlift with Front Raises

Deadrows/Upright Rows/Shrugs

Back Lunge with Rows

Side Lunge Abductions (no weights)

Front Lunge with Figure 8 Row Arms and Elbow to Knee (no weights)


Squat, Curl, Press with Tricep Extension

Squat Curl

Lunge Kick Lunge Stand (you do this in the warm up but this time with light weights)

Static Lunge with Tricep Extension

Sumo Squat with Bicep Curl

Dynamic Front Lunge Raises

Rear Lunge, Curl to Press

Front Raise with Rear Delt Pull to Lateral Raise

Squat Twists

Squat Jab

Controlled Slow Elbow to Knee (like a yoga prayer twist)


As you can see, this is a lot of great compound movements.  Your butt is going to get a great workout in this one.

The Bonus workouts are:

Total Workout – 15:29

Cathe does three sets of pushups, flat chest presses, flat chest flys and then incline presses and flys.  Again, the first time I tried to be a hero and go super heavy but when Cathe said we had 2 more sets of this I just about cried.  My chest was spent on the first set when I went super heavy.  I wondered why she was only using 12 pound dumbbells.

Total Workout – 12:21

Dynamic blast exercises (jumping) mixed with Compound weight movements

This is a nice little HiiT type workout weighted and unweighted.  You better be prepared to do a LOT of air jacks.

Total Workout – 11:00

Cathe is the Queen of Core.  With moves like:  Lying up and overs; Leg chasers; Slow bike maneuvers and Full body breast strokes. Cathe sure can pack a lot of punch in a short time and your abs/core burns in no time.

I like to use the bonuses as one total workout added together.  They are also great for add-ons or for short workouts if you are pressed for time.

Even though this series is targeted towards the intermediate level, I felt challenged just by upping the weight when I needed to.  You really can cater to your own needs.  Probably not great for a beginner, however.

I love Cathe, I love this workout and I surely will come back to it time and time again. I hope to review others in this series soon.

5 out of 5 stars.

Cathe Ripped with HiiT Low Impact HiiT Workout DVD Review

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What better way to start the New Year on my blog than with a review from one of Cathe Friedrich’s new workout DVD series Ripped with HiiT.  My first review from that series will be Low Impact.

It was over the Christmas holiday and I was staying at my parents’ house.  I always continue to workout at their place but I have a lot less equipment than what I have at home so my options are limited.  I also feel bad to do a lot of jumping at their house because my mom says it sounds like I’m coming through the ceiling.  Oopsie!  This Low Impact HiiT workout was just the thing for my holiday stay with the folks.

Ripped with Hiit – Low Impact HiiT has two separate 30 minute HiiT workouts.  You can do them each separately or combine them for a 50+ minute @$$ whooping.  There are also two separate 10 minute bonus ab workouts.  The bonus abs show up on other Ripped with HiiT workouts as well (Bonus Abs One has some standing abs while Bonus Abs Two is all on the floor).

HiiT One:   The only thing that you will need for this is a mat and Dixie cups (I forgo them but still get a great workout).  This workout is drill after drill of non-weighted dynamic movements. These are pretty random, non-times HiiT sequences meaning the rests aren’t a preset time.  Cathe also doesn’t time the work she counts reps and then repeats each movement.  These movements contain light lifts but no jumping.

HiiT Two:  This workout is set up a lot like HiiT One but with different dynamic movements and this HiiT also utilizes light weights (8 lb dumbbells are good).  Sometimes you will only need 1 of the dumbbells.   Out of the two I preferred HiiT One but both are great workouts and have a low dread factor.

As per usual, Cathe proves that low impact doesn’t necessarily mean low intensity and you can keep your mama happy at the same time.  It is also great for people who have joint issues.

Cathe rarely disappoints and continues to give us quality workouts.  I give this one 4-and-a-half out of 5 stars.