Happy 6 Year Anniversary to Mistransformation


Happy 6 year anniversary to the blog that was only supposed to be a couple month challenge.  As a follower of this blog you know that my posts have been dwindling down the last couple of years.  I was going to announce with this post that Mistransformation was calling it a day.  I have changed my mind however and am probably just going to change things up a bit and instead of posting workout reviews, I’ll just post about my hikes and kayaking trips with pictures, etc.

Thank you to all of my faithful followers throughout the years. This type of blog is sort of just running its course and running out of steam.  Times have changed and I have as well.

So with that said, let’s see what the next year brings and I’ll revisit the thought on anniversary 7.

One Response to “Happy 6 Year Anniversary to Mistransformation”

  1. kasimkhalique1 Says:

    Missy! Miss you! Keep the blog going! It’s inspiration for people. I just sent it to my wife. She used to be a big fitness person but got sidetracked. Maybe your site will ignite her inner Wonder Woman again!

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