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Michelle Dozois BodyFit 360 Vol. 3 Workout DVD Review

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If you follow MisTransformation you know that I am a fan of Michelle’s Peak10 series.  I have done several of those workouts and reviewed a few previously on my blog.  I am also a HUGE fan of Michelle’s BodyFit 360 Vol. 1 workout and reviewed that on my blog previously.  (I will post it below).  I have to say that Volume 3 Athletic Conditioning is the perfect combination of Peak10 and BodyFit 360.  It has the athletic challenge of Peak10 with jumps, lunges and squats but it also has the great bodyweight challenged combinations of BodyFit 360 Vol. 1 while being less dancey.

This volume has two workouts:  Athletic Conditioning and Athletic Stretch.   There is a movement review segment to view for the Athletic Conditioning combinations and I strongly suggest watching this before doing the workout because some of the combinations are a little tricky at first.

Athletic Conditioning: 

For this workout you will need a towel and not just for wiping sweat.  You will actually be using it as part of the workout. This workout has a modifier and you may want to watch the entire routine before you try it if you believe you will be following her because you may not catch what she is doing in time when in the throws of the workout.

This workout is 40 minutes in length and has 8 blocks of combinations (including warm-up and cool down). Block 6 will focus on the upper body with the towel and block 7 focuses on the core.

This workout contains all the things I love like punching and kicking.  You will also be doing burpees, jacks and squats.  The bodyweight challenged combinations are built on the plank so have your wrists and your core prepared (what I call breakdance moves).

This workout was a lot of fun but it was just the right amount of challenge.  I really felt my body was heated up at the end of the workout differently than if I had done a workout with dumbbells.

Athletic Stretch: 

This program is 20 minutes in length and can be used on an active rest day or after a workout for additional stretching and mobility work.  Michelle gets you warmed up before going into the stretches.  This isn’t yoga but does incorporate some familiar yoga poses such as:  Warrior 1; pigeon; dragon; happy baby and child’s pose.  I found myself doing  ujjay breathing (yoga breath) while settling into the poses.

Michelle utilizes the towel for some of the stretches.  You could also use a yoga strap.

I think this would be a nice program for someone who doesn’t like yoga but wants to increase their flexibility.

All in all I would give BodyFit 360 Volume 3 FIVE out of FIVE stars.  I’m so happy MIchelle decided to continue with this series and hopefully I will be able to review Volume 2 Dance Conditioning for you.

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