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Amy Dixon – Breathless Body 2 The Edge Workout DVD Review

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A little over a year ago I reviewed Amy Dixon’s Breathless Body Workout DVD and I LOVED IT!  It was a Tabata drill based workout but instead of being 4 minutes in length like the original Tabata protocol it was about an hour with 8 separate Tabata drills.  While I no longer do that whole DVD anymore, I still do separate Tabata drills for some added cardio or as a finisher to my regular gym workout. (See that review here:

Needless to say when I heard Amy was doing a Part 2 to the original Breathless Body workout I was ecstatic. The Edge did not disappoint.  In fact, I think I like it even better than the original.  Breathless Body 2 The Edge is not a Tabata protocol workout (although some websites mistakenly say that’s what it is).  The Edge incorporates HiiT and Threshold Training.  This is purely a cardio workout so you won’t need any equipment.  The level is high Intermediate-Advanced depending on how hard you push yourself and which level you choose to follow throughout.  Amy does once again include a “no impact/low impact” modifier and perhaps a beginner who is relatively in shape already could do this workout following her.  You may recognize Steph, the intermediate level workout girl, from some of Bob Harper’s workouts.

This workout has 4 total sets.  Within each set is 3 separate drills that are 30 seconds in length with 15 seconds of rest in between drills.  You repeat the drills 3 times.  Then there is a longer rest between sets.  I didn’t time the long rests but I would guess it is longer than a minute because Amy explains the next moves for the next set and that takes some time to do that.  If you push yourself hard enough you will relish those breaks – grab some water, towel off, etc.

The moves consist of plyometric and dynamic movements (as I said you can follow the low impact girl if you need to).  There are standing broad jumps, power jacks, plank jacks, tuck jumps, and some fun “Russian Dances.”  Be sure to watch your form on the plank quarter turns I would hate to see someone hurt their wrists.

I thought the drills were challenging enough and since you aren’t repeating the same movement throughout each set I don’t think you may get the same dread factor that some had with the first Breathless Body workout.  You can also go back and forth between levels if you need to.  Amy is her usual motivating self and she will help push you through.  She pushes without annoying.

After you do all 4 sets you finish with one long 6 minute set without any rests wherein you do all the drills back-to-back until the end.

This workout has a very thorough cool down/stretch.  This is important.  I do a lot of workout DVDs and some really do shortchange you with the cool down/stretch segment.  Amy is very thorough when it comes to this.  When I had finished the workout I really could feel the endorphins kick in and I knew I had finished a great workout for the day!

Another FIVE STAR WORKOUT from Amy Dixon.  I have really missed her since Exercise TV went under.