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Nothing tastes as good as being *strong* feels

Posted in Health/Fitness on August 27, 2011 by mistransformation

I hate using the old word – *thin.*  I’m not thin and I’ll never be thin.  I am strong, however, and that is rockin’.

My strong moment occurred yesterday during the Williamsport Welcomes the World celebration that the town hosts for the Little League World Series (held in South Williamsport).  My ex-boyfriend’s sister owns a real estate company and she was always snobby to me.  It seemed like she always thought she was better than me and “knew” better than me.  She would pretend to have a genuine interest in me by asking questions but the questions she asked were so she could judge me and talk about me behind my back.  We had worked out a few times together at the gym.  We attended a kickboxing class together once.  I always felt like she was watching.  I always felt judged by her.

Her real estate company had a booth that was handing out balloons to the little kids.  I had to walk past the booth to get to the information booth to find out where things were being held.  I’m not sure if she recognized me or not as I walked by.  I didn’t walk over and make “friendly” conversation and ask how she was because I really don’t care.  I just walked by her like my ish didn’t stink knowing that I look stronger and more toned than ever.  It’s those kinds of moments that make all your effort and hard work worth it!

The Summer’s Not Over Yet Giveaway

Posted in Health/Fitness on August 16, 2011 by mistransformation

You may be the random winner of the workout DVD – Surfer Girl – Volume 1 – Laguna Beach with Amber Gregory.

This DVD contains two workouts:

1:  Core Wave – Workout 1 – This is a full body workout circuit that hits every last muscle in your body.  Uses a stability ball.

2.  Core Wave – Workout 2 – Your body is warmed up and ready to go, so let’s move onto the next circuit.  Just imagine how great you’ll look in that bikini….find the rhythm in your breathing and get keyed into the energy flowing through your body.  Uses light hand weights.

This workout is beginner/intermediate level.

You can view it here:

All you have to do is leave a comment on this post saying how fitness has most changed your life and the winner will be chosen randomly.  Good luck.  This contest ends August 31, 2011 at midnight EST and the winner will be notified by e-mail September 1st (So make sure you enter your e-mail address into the comment section).

Fitness T-shirts

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Fitness is my religion. Come pray with me!

Mistransformation T-shirts for the serious fitness minded individual

Posted in Health/Fitness on August 7, 2011 by mistransformation

Do you get annoyed by people trying to distract you while working out at the gym?  Are you trying to count reps or time yourself and you have someone trying to make the moves on you or attempt idle chit chat while you are trying to change your body?  Check out the Mistransformation store for the serious fitness buff!

Here it is in red but there are many other great colors available!  Click the link at the top of the post!